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8/2/2018 c46 16Scousedancer
Glad Jane had at least one person who genuinely cared for her well being, for her, in Kurt. It must've been so unsettling for Jane, having no sense of herself and no memories
8/1/2018 c46 Elislin
I trully trully love this fic :)
8/1/2018 c46 20lshd
Wonderful. I miss the first season. :)
3/27/2018 c45 16Scousedancer
Interesting chapter - you did a beautiful job showcasing all the uncertainty both Jane & Weller flwt at that point in the show
2/8/2018 c45 lipamo
you really get them on so many levels.. it is simply joy to readthis. the way you set the tone through is simply perfect style. awesome.
2/7/2018 c44 lipamo
beautiful! so mich detail in perspective.. it makes this so real, so astonishingly beautiful.. love your style. Your book will be fantastic!
2/5/2018 c45 Annie
Delightful...the angst wore me out...happy ending
2/5/2018 c45 Elislin
Oh my jeller!
I missed this story so much!
Awesome as always!
2/5/2018 c45 72KeepSaying
In the lights of recent events this is the most fluffy scene ever and I wanna live in it for the rest of all times
Well, no, but you did write it beautifully and as always when I read a new chapter, I love being taken back into such a distant time where everything was easier and more complicated all at once.
2/5/2018 c45 20lshd
Wow with all the angst...that was just wonderful. Glad your working on your book, but sure do miss you here. Thanks for posting!
12/19/2017 c44 16Scousedancer
Great chapter! Really enjoyed watching how their bond is slowly taking hold. Just by being himself, Kurt has earned Jane's trust as he was the one person she felt safe confessing her doubts about Mayfair to.
12/4/2017 c38 101MonkeyPajamas
I wasn't going to review today. I also just realized I don't know where my phone is.
Neither of which is important really in the context of this review.

Okay, technically, I can see the bad CDC's man point. I mean, he's doing it totally wrong and vaccines are awesome and super important. But, I do believe the doctors save lives. CDC is more generic about illnesses and stuff. Hmm, maybe I should know. I forget what point I was even thinking about. I'm just glad Jane is there to help save the day.

Haha, Jane protesting when Weller removes his own suit, even though she's not wearing a suit herself. that is so them.

"But he didn't, thanks to Jane." That's also a perfect Kurt line.

I love the silly image of Surrey waking up handcuffed to the stretcher, and - this is the slly part - then imaginging him trying to make a run for it, with the stretcher still on his back - and well it looks hilarious in my head.

Jane "surprised to see Kurt watching her" - get used to it.

"he on the other hand, liked to keep people at a reasonable distance. Except Jane apparently" is PERFECT

"stupid but brave."

I really do love so much about 1.04. From the Kurt in the lab, to this scene between them at the end, where they are talking about Taylor Shaw. It's such a good Jeller episode.
12/2/2017 c37 MonkeyPajamas
Okay, episode 1.04. I'm ready. I remember that episode. Way back when.
Oh and Borden. Mole Borden. He's so hard to watch now. Because I liked him. He was so good with Jane. AND HE WAS A MOLE.

The haunted look in both their eyes when they thought about Taylor and their shared past. That's a perfect way to describe it.

This is when I always get angry at Kurt. Well, not in this story. Not even in this episode. But the fact that he shared so much of Taylor, and then got angry when she said she remembered. Because obviously those weren't really her memories - BUT she could have felt they were hers so much, she remembered them. it's a well documented phenomenom. Even in people who haven't lost their memory. I mean, heck, even after reading BW and hearing you talk about VA Beach for a year - I feel like I know the place. And I've never been there (unless you count when I was 4 apparently). It's not totally the same thing. But then again, I haven't just lost my memory and being told these ARE my memories. So Kurt, you have no reason to be angry (except for it was never about the lie it was about everything and I shouldn't even start this line of thought while in a review).

No Jane. That sense of calm you get from Kurt has nothing to do with the fact that you knew each other as kids.
Also not going to get into that fact because there was something that bugged me in last night's episode so that annoyed me.

CDC Case
I really love this one. Even if they didn't go to Atlanta.

Yes Jane. There is a reason you are needed in the field. You are a part of this team, even if you didn't get there in the typical way.

I still can't get over that she has tattoos on her face. Like of course she does. It's so strange when you remember it - it makes total sense in that minute, but then any time now, especially now, it's yep, she really is tattooed everywhere.

"a human post it note" BAWAHAHAHA


Yeah that ending scene never made much sense. I mean, I totally get why Kurt would stay. But why Jane came back - what tipped her off - that always seems a bit weird. I mean, not that this chapter didn't deal with it in the best way possible. But the actual show left it so odd.
11/13/2017 c44 nnie
So precious...their intensity is mind boggling
11/13/2017 c44 20lshd
Still loving when your writing takes me back to how it all started!
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