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for The Crimson Gardevoir

5/2 c69 Guest
Jesus Christ this novel started in 2015, I think I joined when it had 6 chapters, now I feel old
4/29 c69 breadedonion
Another fantastic chapter

Keep up the amazing work! Cant wait to see the juicy conclusion to this .
4/26 c69 Guest
Chapter 69...Nice
4/25 c69 Hazard1122
Great chapter! I feel bad for Jade, but if she acts in any of those budding feelings Scarlet is gonna rip her head off. I wonder if Scarlet will make her 1st and maybe only exception to her species. I’m excited to see how it all develops. Also love Luna, can’t wait till Bonny gets a new stone and Scarlet gets her own, and for Dusk to finally evolve.
4/25 c69 William
Eyy the funny number chapter.
But thanks for still working on this series, i am so invested in this story and really looking forward to the storys development in the future
4/25 c69 Guest
Good chapter. I hope Scarlet and Max apologize to each in the next chapter especially Scarlet. Also I was wondering whether you could incorporate a scene where Scarlet is in trouble and Max helps her causing her to fall in love with him again ? It would be cool though since the roles would be reversed. Lastly please do not make either of them hurt each other like slapping and stuff etc.
4/25 c69 ICEKNG
Amazing chapter again, im really hoping that scarlet will actually be able to accept jade into the group because i really want to see max and jade together, i feel that it would be pretty wholesome
4/25 c69 ZtheH
Poor Jade, but it was bound to happen soon or later. This felt like of the longest chapters so far, so many scenes, scenarios and sub-plots in one chapter. Now let's wait abd see what happens with Jade. I think the author left Max and Scarlet's bickering open for interpretation. Personally i think both sides are in the wrong in this issue, Max for not being honest with Jade and the others (although i understand his point) and yelling at Scarlet, and Scarlet for being inconsiderate towards Jade's feelings. Guess the fortuner teller was right, and what path Max chooses next might decide the future of his pokemon journey.
4/24 c69 shades89
I gotta say, I absolutely loved the scene with Max calling Scarlet out. She deserved it so much, especially with how she acts around nice people and Pokemon, especially Jade. Hopefully it will serve as a wake up call for her and make her grow up for a change.

Really loved the arcade setting too, especially the parts with Bonny and Jade. Please do keep up the great work!
4/24 c69 Guest
God damn I love this chapter, this one by far has to be my favorite because of that moment with Luna and that very wholesome moment with jade. But really scarlet was a reall bitch that moment talking bad about jade.
4/24 c69 Guest
Is there a link to the Doc for the new chapter please?
4/24 c69 ThePokemaster
Wow, this felt like a long chapter. Or maybe because it included various different scenes. It seems like everything hasn’t gone so well for Max recently, with Bonny situation and now Jade’s. It really hurt me as a reader to see what happened to Jade especially after she was enjoying herself with Max. I feel bad. This whole chapter was quite accurate to its title.
Moreover, we really got to see more of Luna now. Interesting introduction; she handled the scenarios that she was in pretty maturely. Also, the gaming at the arcade was a cool touch. I loved how Aurora was destroying everybody in the dancing. Anyways, I hope everything turns out good for Max and the gang in the end. It stings seeing bad things happen to them...
4/19 c68 ZenithOmega
Aww, well, I tried to read it slowly, but I got to the end, again.
I remember the days when the latest chapter had Aurora, back when she still hated Max. I'm glad you picked the story back up from then.
Anyways, keep it up, if you don't, I'll be bored, which isn't really your problem, and this is off topic.
Just keep doing the thing you're doing now. Yeah!
4/16 c68 ZtheH
From a high point to a low. This story sure is a roller coaster ride of emotions. I took too much time to read, so i had to read ch 65 and 66 before commenting here.

65) First we had the long waited reveal about Luna's past. And while i had a vague idea of what was, thanks to the small hints placed since her introduction, i wasn't prepared for what it was. I had to read two times taking breaks between lines, that's too cruel. Luna deserves all the hugs in world. And despite everything, she somehow found strenght in herself to blame other humansand later even joining and protecting one. She kind of reminds me of the character Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, someone that lost all his loved ones and had a terrible life, but still found forgiveness and never fell to darkness.

You did great with the lemon scene: slow and sweet. It felt very different from when Max is with the other girls. I think Max wanted to say something to Luna right before they started but held back. Anyway, this chapter was anither hallmark of this story.

66) What a wild ride. The scene with Max and his Pokémon around the campfire discussing their future might be one of my favorite moments of the story so, specially coming after the events of Togetheheart and Luna's backstory. I hope they all get to live peaceful lives in the future after the League. Also, very cute the scene of Luna cuddling Max and later huging him, it shows how she's more comfortable with him now.

We got more character building for Dusk and her dislike for fighting. Followed by Bonnie's downfall. I wasn't expecting Bonnie losing her mega stone, after all the training she did to master her mega form. Also, sometimes Max's insecurities lead him to say or do awful stuff. He has to do some introspection to overcome ithis short temper, his competitive nature, low self esteem, and possibly, his view of himself as a man (maybe because of his upbringing?). Maybe he needs an outside guide like Bonnie and Aurora had. I didn't read the ch 67 draft so i don't know what happens next.

Aurora got her big moment to shinecomplete with anime flashbacks. Aurora rises, Bonnie falls. Funny how Bonnie has weakness to fighting-type, now the Lucario if the group got a power boost, and she lost hers. This chapter ends in a bittersweet tone, guess Bonnie is out if battles for a while because of her state. I wonder how Dusk feels, because this all happened because she got sick.

Anyway, can't wait fir more.
4/14 c67 James
Good as 's what i like about these stories, you make the characters come alive through their 's not just a sex romp like a lot of similar stories.I get invested in the characters because of their progression as souls not just the adventures they encounter.
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