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1/20 c47 Guest
So far, this is the best fan fiction I’ve ever read, hands down. I’m honestly worried that other fanfics won’t be as good as this and I’ll be left underwhelmed, it’s just that good. I’m not fully up to date with what you’re doing, ZLewdMaster, but I hope that life has been treating you well and I hope you have the motivation to finish this story! Even if you don’t gain benefits from this, the least I can do is encourage you and tell you that this story has helped me so much in quarantine. I hope that life has been tearing you well. Also, about the story, I don’t know how you did it, but even though I was only interested in Scarlet, you made me really love the other characters as well. You did a REALLY good fucking job with this story so far! I only hope you don’t leave things unfinished, most fanfics I’ve read had been unfinished or discontinued so I hope you can finish this great story! Once again, thank you for all the effort you put into the story, I really am truly thankful. It has more or less helped me in quarantine so I can’t say it enough, thank you!
1/16 c10 3dragun95
This chapter has been a very bitter thing to swallow, I love your fic but I hate rape, that's one of the few topics that I don't like, but with force of will and after watching several hours in a row of kawaii things I can face it
1/16 c62 1FowlFiction
Sally deserves to join his team. More so than any of the one off characters he has encountered before. She’s too good and kind natured to stay in a place that doesn't appreciate her.
1/10 c62 Fake Account dammit
yass, hopefully this means they get another session where Sally pushes past her own limits to please Max
1/10 c62 William
WOO! Thank you for more chapters. I hope you are doing well. Ive been following this story for about 1.5 yers and i want you to know it is really good
1/8 c62 James
Always a good read. And happy new year to my favourite author too!
1/8 c62 Dark-Dragon-King-24
I hope Sally joins his team she deserves happiness
1/8 c62 ThePokemaster
Hey, thanks for the chapter. A good read like usual. I’m not going to ignore the special moment that you wrote with Jade and Dusk. Even if it was brief, it was wholesome. The whole chapter was wholesome. Really sweet of you to depict the sex with Sally as soft and gentle.
1/7 c28 Guest
The jokes are always the same, this is getting incredibly boring
1/7 c62 noble6117
1/7 c62 boyzlightning21
Is the address for the next chapter correct? I have can't seem to find the document in google docs.
1/7 c62 shades89
Nice chapter. It's nice that Sally got her time with Max. Keep up the good work.
1/7 c62 Nightmare Reaper
How do I use the link to the doc at the top of the page please?
12/30/2020 c61 Jajagecko
Oh boy, we're do I start , (I know this is in the wrong chapter) bu we had action with aurora and my dream come true (few chapters ago) May finally have some action. [Some Spoilers, read at your discretion(I think that's how it goes xd)]This chapter, Sally really gives me sadness and I feel pity about all the stuff that happened to her. I'm really happy and surprised about how the story is transforming. Man, when I first find this story I was like in junior high (I want to search for some lemons lmao) but for know I came for the story it's interesting, now I almost graduating of college. Bruh time passes, anyway despite my melancholy stuff. I'm eager to read the new chapter. Personally we will never get perfection, however I don't think that some few mistakes would harm. Welp ye, that's it for my long ass "review". Happy new year to y'all. And stay safe in your house! :D
12/24/2020 c61 Guest
Mary christmas you degenerates have fun and go party
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