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5/26 c109 Guest
So I'm a part of the discord server but, if I wanted to how am I able to communicate with the other people it won't let give me the option to talk or tap the emojis on screen
10h c111 ZtheH
Let's go Scarlet!
5/23 c15 Just a random
Bro the story is good but the being forced to not move out of your own will scene is pretty fucked up. Seriously bandage is only good with consent plus you keep using the word rape alot that's a very heavy word man.
5/16 c1 pjack32
same here Dio. The site was down a while ago so idk what's up
5/16 c110 Dio Genus
Is there a glitch? I’ve had this exact chapter notify me about 10 times now.
5/7 c13 Temporal King
Bonny took that well but I can tell she’ll be watching Scarlet from now on, I agree with Bonny that it was unessacary but again the girl pulled a knife and tried to stab her, it’s like Scarlet is tight roping the balance of morality. Although I don’t know if Dusk or May will take this well, Dusk is timid enough as is and May already went through an abusive trainer, to knowing a killer is her masters lover might be enough to break faith even if Scarlet means them no harm and even then what’s to say she won’t just snap and lose control? Good point I feel one of Max’s lover’s will point out.

I hope Scarlet improves, I really do. It’s only been 2 days in story since she revealed the truth so obviously things won’t improve over night, her killing that girl clearly shows she has a long way to go. Scarlet doing what she did in her victims tent...yeeeaaaah, might’ve been a little too far. And for as intelligent as she is she can sure be stupid. Flinging over all that...stuff, DNA evidence all over the place meaning her beloved could get in massive amounts of trouble if the body is found.

But onto more positive things Bonny learned Jump Kick, good move. Personally though I would go for Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Cosmic Power and Protect, that’s what my Lopunny know’s and it’s pretty effective.
5/7 c12 Temporal King
So that happened. Your really pushing the envelope on Scarlet’s hostility towards humans aren’t you?

This chapter did have some issue’s, it was a little difficult keeping up with who was talking, there was a lot of grammar mistakes and Stephanie wasn’t even described outside of having a large chest.

However I am starting to be a little concerned for Scarlet. Look I can understand defending herself and getting revenge, these people and her parents deserved it. Killing innocents is where I draw the line and like I said Max should’ve put his foot down on that one.

Now Stephanie did pull a knife out on her, that’s true, but Scarlet didn’t need to go that far, didn’t even really need to kill her, ironically it was Scarlet who was the threat given that she pinned Staphanie to a tree and threatened her. She could’ve wiped her memory, she could’ve teleported her away from their group. She could’ve knocked her, threw her in her tent snd then teleported it all to another field. She is a very intelligent girl, a Psychic type and common sense dosent elude her.

But Scarlet tortures her to death which seem’s to be her preferred method of killing and she appears to take joy in it, she’s basically sadistic, a quick slash of the knife would've been enough but she instead tortures her, talks to her while doing it and takes joy in it. As far as I’m concerned she is throwing away the second chance Max is giving her because she likes being sadistic.

If Max finds out about this then this can and will drive a wedge between them because Scarlet cannot control herself. She is ruled by anger and pain and it’s lead to many Pokémon and People getting unjustly killed by her. Sure, she might’ve been a slut and drew a knife but this could’ve been handled differently.

Once again I’ll give her the benefit of doubt because of self defense but I’ll be on edge around her when humans are around, because if she dosent control herself she’ll lose Max. There is only so much her backstory can do to protect her likability as a character.

Well, guess we’ll see what Bonny thinks of this next chapter.
5/7 c11 Temporal King
I do wished Max did say something about the innocents Scarlet killed, like that should’ve been a huge thing to over come. The people who abused and tortured her was one thing, but innocent people, children included? Trust should’ve been fractured.

Heck assuming that this is a OC region maybe Scariet’s the reason why trainers aren’t much of a thing, that the violence of the crime was so disturbing that it lead to an immediate pulling of the metaphorical trigger for increasing the age that dramatically.

Kids in the middle of their journey were forced to stop, many Pokemon were forced to be relocated to natural habitats because of a over saturation of Pokémon the professors just couldn’t take care of, kids no longer interacting with Pokémon the way they used to it, heavy rules regarding Human/Pokemon interactions for kids like which Pokémon parents are and aren’t allowed to have. Yeah I’ve noticed that there dosent seem to be many trainers or even kids in this region interacting with Pokémon and there might be a reason for that. Heck maybe that might’ve played a factor in his home town being so nasty, if I was a kid who was forcefully stopped on my journey and made to give up Pokémon I’d probably hold a grudge too and if I got far I’d probably wouldn’t be able to have it in me to restart from scratch.

Not to mention he watched a kid get tortured and murdered in cold blood by his lover, it’s hard enough for some to watch kids in movies go through stuff like this, like the Hunger Game’s for example as people weren’t the fondest of watching kids kill each other, that was a hard one to stomach for some people, but it’s very unlikely Max would be 100% after witnessing her stoop to the low of those that wronged her.

Now don’t get me wrong, accepting her and still wanting to be with her shows true love, maybe it was twisted fate their paths crossed. I feel that even though his trust in her should be damaged it isn’t beyond repair, it will just take some time before things can go back to normal between them. Maybe he could’ve hugged her and swear he will fix her, he will heal her, he will help her, show her the good of the world, Pokemon and humanity. He might not be the fondest of his own species as well but Max knows not everyone is like this but Scarlet has never had that opportunity, she never had that chance until Max came around.

As for Bonny, well that certainly happened. Love made her evolve, which means Return will be stupidly powerful. Yeah Return is such a great move, one if the best Normal type moves in the game. And with it’s a slight personality change, flirtatious, VERY flirtatious.

Scarlet’s version of training as well was very very clever, it reminded me of Dragonball Z where Goku trained in gravity chamber while traveling to Namek and we all know how very effective that training was.

Bonny got her man, I knew Scarlet was gonna be fine with it, I mean she was fine with it when she was a Buneary so why would she have an issue now? Guess she was too used to being Alpha Female, although as time go’s on I feel that might not mean much if anyth8ng aside from getting the ok to join the harem. You know now that I think about it I wonder if any human girls will join.

Regardless the 2nd member of Max’s family has joined, although I wonder how far they are going to push the “human’s can’t make Pokémon pregnant” thing, that’s twice now that’s been brought up. Sounds let foreshadowing if you ask me.

Onto more.
5/8 c110 5Guardian the marked spirit
found this story a few days back and couldn't help but smile and keep reading... 2015 is around the time I think I stopped writing and became unable to pick it up again, yet here's clear proof of someone whos not only kept writing over 8 years, but has clearly been improving bit by bit... keep up the amazing work, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's growth and improvement over their journey, as well as your own continued improvement.
Remember to take care of yourself, burnout is rough but don't end up like me and completely give up what you enjoy!
4/28 c10 Temporal King
Uh...ahem. I...need a moment.

(Five minutes later)

Ok, so this is the first time I’ve seen truly dark stuff in a fic and boy you didn’t hold back. I said it before in a earlier review that Scarlet and Max just hasn’t been exposed to enough positivity but in Scarlets case I was WAAAY off the mark on that one. She literally has had little to no positivity with Pokémon and absolutely zero positivity with humans, absolutely none. That explains why she hates humans with a passion and even her own species, she’s a broken Gardevoir who’s empathy has been nearly destroyed 100% until Max came around.

Honestly, it’s hard to blame her behavior, even against an innocent, when she dosent know the concept of mercy and probably still dosent. Now granted that dosent make her absolved towards what she did to that Charmeleon and his trainer. If anything I feel Max should’ve put the foot down on that one. Yes she was traumatized, yes she was in pain but she could’ve easily knocked him out and just went away, she was clearly able to deduce an accurate age and clearly he didn’t look like any of the people who abused her and he wouldn’t of been able to scratch her let alone catch her. The people at the Complex and the Hunter’s were one thing and it was justified, but a innocent kid? Pretty sure Scarlet had some inkling of trainers. Wasn’t she exposed to trainer battles before everything went dark? Heck pretty sure she would’ve been given some context about trainers even during captivity.

And even then the Charmeleion didn’t look abused and even stood up for its trainer before dying. My guess is that pure survival instincts combined with trauma, fear and hate clouded her senses badly, she didn’t stop and think and only acted, even if she knew what Pokeballs were, and honestly I think she should’ve given how many years passed. The idea of a cages might just be a trigger point that break any control of her own actions, instincts, fear and hate takes over first and even after the deed was done she can’t feel empathy or regret. So damaged and broken she was that her empathy and compassion were near nonexistent. Hence why she felt empty, void. She just existed, no personality, no morality, no soul or anything like that, just pure will to survive, hatred and wanting to be left alone.

The more she is exposed to the good of humanity, her own kind and Pokemon in general as well as learn of compassion, empathy etc etc I have a feeling that rush of regret and realization of what she did to that innocent will hit her like an ACME anvil. The worst thing that will hit her is realization she was no better than the people who tortured her.

As for the tribe that outcasted her and the parents who abandoned her. I question suicide for the Gallade, I think it would’ve been better if he either ran away or was depressed to the point of Scarlet’s mother looking after him, like a broken soul. Maybe he could’ve felt regret about trying to kill his child but wasn’t able to express it because he was emotionally gone and Scarlets mother could’ve mis-interpreted that as why he was the way he was.

But a Gallade committing suicide? Well maybe if he did it as a honor thing I could buy it and Gardevoir could’ve been living alone in slight insanity, being rejected by her tribe, her mate dead and her thinking of being the creator of an “abomination”. Could also explain the lack of remorse.

Even if the Gallade was alive seeing him basically have no reaction or even motion would just be a waste of Scarlet’s effort. Her father was already suffering and can’t take care of himself. That’s enough for her.

However I think this would’ve been more satisfying if this was done in the tribe. Like maybe show off her immense power and how outclassed every Gallade and Gardevoir is to the point if nobody daring to step forward to challenge the Red Gardevoir. After killing her mother she could’ve used telepathy on every member of her tribe and tell them that she is a “abomination”, their creation, a creation born out of hate and cruelty the world has given her. She didn’t come into the world a monster, the world made her into one. She killed dozens of humane and dozens of Pokémon and nobody in the tribe could so much as scratch her and every single being that wronged her has met a gruesome end, now there is nothing left.

She could’ve left her mothers body in the middle of the tribe and nobody daring to say a thing. Watching the monster they created walk away, the ultimate karma.

Although one could argue leaving her alive would’ve been a worse punishment. Beaten, broken, crippled and humiliated in front of the tribe by the child she threw away, she did create a monster but it wasn’t Scarlet to be blamed. And the worst punishment of them all? Scarlet could’ve transferred her memories and experience to her mother so she could live everything her daughter went through, starting with the day they tried to drown her. So she knows what it’s like.

Just imagine that, Scarlet’s mother laying on the ground, her body broken and crippled to the point of true paralysis in her legs and her mind locked in on itself, watching, seeing and feeling every experience she felt the day they threw her in the river. The worst punishment isn’t death, it’s living her life in pain both physically and mentally until she naturally died.

Maybe she could’ve approached a petrified tribe elder or leader and said she could kill them all, every last one of them, Kirlia and Ralts included. But she won’t if they do one thing for her. Give her mother to the human’s, they will keep her alive and take care of her. Therefore ensuring her punishment continued. Maybe down the line Max could’ve met Scarlet’s mother and see her in a wheelchair in a catatonic state at a Pokémon sanctuary where Pokémon cannot survive in the wild but also cannot be trained Pokémon or even pets due to injury or some other reason, the memories of her daughters trauma mixed with the beat down she got still replaying in her mind.

I’m not sure if Max would ask Scarlet to end it and wipe her memories, like maybe Scarlet could’ve largely cooled off by that point.

And you know, morbid as it sounds, I wonder if Scarlet would consider going back to that complex to loot it for her new family. Assuming the complex is hidden and nobody has found it there should be nothing in there but broken room’s, bones and clothes that stuck to the bones. She didn’t destroy the entire complex so maybe there could’ve been Pokémon food that hasn’t expired, money hidden, trainer equipment hidden or even information of shady people they could turn over to the league or police.

After all for some people going back to the site of great trauma allow’s people to gain closure and acceptance. I’ve seen videos and shows were people would go back to where it all began for them or where great trauma accrued and they would reflect and gain closure of their past.

Little oversight here as well but the humans called Scarlet by her name, Max was the one who named her if I recall correctly.

Well...guess Scarlet hit her low point, at this point there is nowhere to go but up. I truly hope Max can show her that just because she had a truly horrific beginning dosent mean she has to have miserable end. Her story truly began the day Max found, the day Max rescued her. And I hope she can encounter those of her species that are more welcoming and accepting, I really do.
4/28 c9 Temporal King
That certainly happened.

First off Mawhile, it’ll take some time before Max considers her as a romantic partner, if Scarlet giving Bonny that invitation is anything to go by she is more than willing to add others if it spices up their love life. Although I have a strong feeling it’ll havent wait until she becomes a Lopunny and Dusk to become a Braxien.

Btw, May? Little bit of an odd choice given what that name means in Pokémon, the name of the main character and what made you choose that, curious choice, but good none the less.

Yeah Max wasn’t ready, he definitely wasnt ready. Although one could argue that they might’ve been a very long ways away from being ready if the Gym Leader used a Ramphardos and Lairon, although with that said Scarlet is clearly a beast on the battlefield and maybe he bumped up his Pokémon selection just because Scarlet was an overwhelming force of nature. But we got her moves, Shadow Ball, Teleport, Psychic and Psybeam, not the most versatile move set but pretty good for whatnot is.

(Sigh) You take a few good steps in changing the outlook of the world and all it takes is a bunch of ass holes to ruin it. Guess they aren’t far away from that rotten excuse of a village, or maybe those 3 were from that village. But at the very least they won’t be bothering anyone for awhile, especially the knife guy. He’ll be out of commission for a few months with his injuries.

And now the big reveal. Scarlet is a killer, a murderer. She even stated it, she murdered humans. It would be one thing to claim self defense but there is a difference between self defense and murder and she made it clear it was Murder. But why? Is it Mewtwo all over again? I knew she hated humans and have been exposed to the worst of them but to go off the deep end like that? And to be stained red with the blood of humans? Reminds me of Kratos from God of War when the ash’s of his wife and child was put on his body as a curse, a permanent reminder of a horrible mistake he could never fix.

I guess next chapter Scarlet explains who, or what, she is.
4/28 c8 Temporal King
You really went all out with the Pokémon diet, one would think a human like Pokémon like Gardevoir would be omnivorous, guess they have a very strict and little negotiable diet.

Mawhile, another waifu-mon. But I had a feeling eventually we were gonna get one of these type of capture’s, a rescue Pokémon. I really hate trainer who neglect their Pokémon and abuse them. The anime never really went into how bad abuse can get for a creature as emotional and psychological damage is far far far for long lasting. I know this personally, it’s not fun to witness.

But at the very least Mawhile, now known as May, is in better and safer hands and I wonder how long it will be until she falls in love with her new trainer. I wonder if we’ll see her old trainer again but with a change of heart. Scarlet might think bad humans can’t change and while she isn’t entirely wrong in some cases, it’s possible that some people just need that jolt to their systems to snap their behavior into proper place.

Onto more :)
4/27 c110 ZtheH
ScarletLuna knows Copycat"

MaxSilly me, I forgot about that"

This is the very first time Luna uses Copycat. i don't remember once the story even alluded to her knowing it.
4/20 c7 Temporal King
I wonder what made Dusk so timid, was she abused by a female human? Or does she take comfort in males in general? Or was she bullied by female Pokémon? Not entirely sure why she is so shy, but at least she is staring to overcome it. Although that confession, not sure if it was legit or just love between trainer and human...for now, pretty sure nothings gonna happen until she evolves into Braxien and chances are she’ll stay a Braxien.

You know I’m starting to get that Scarlet is gonna be one tough cookies to accept that not all humans are bad. One would think she’d take a little pride in being called beautiful and having a person fawn over her looks but this was one moment where pride didn’t show. Max and Scarlet grew up in a nasty town filled with nasty people and so far they’ve experienced nothing but good people since they got together.

I hope as they continue they experience more positivity from people and start changing their outlook on the world. Max isn’t as bad but Scarlet is gonna need a lot of work.
4/19 c6 Temporal King
You know I’m not entirely sure if Pokemon and Human’s are incompatible. The Japanese games revealed that at one point in time Pokemon were so close they did used to marry, not to mention Psychic’s and Empath’s exist. Not to mention Scarlet is a Red Gardevoir, maybe she can have kids with physic powers, like Sabrina. Personally as well I think she shouldn’t of been so dismissive about children, I mean sure adoption is a thing but I think both Max and Scarlet would want a child that’s theirs even if one parent didn’t contribute to the conception. Surrogate parents isn’t anything to be ashamed of but I assume that’s Scarlets enormous pride talking.

So Buneary got her first taste of lust, not sure how to feel about that, might’ve been a case of too soon. But it’s Pokemon, this stuff is so common that it’s a joke to question these things at this point.

Onto the next one.
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