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for The Crimson Gardevoir

5/23 c97 chf-reviewer
Man! what a pleasurable chapter to read!

Once again i fell in love with Max and Scarlet relationship!

can't wait for the next adventure!

Congratulations to the author once again !
5/21 c97 Guest
Good freaking chapter bro
5/22 c97 Anime tamila
I really like scarlet moments...but when will he fuck other obes?
5/21 c97 Guest
A good damn chapter
5/19 c10 9sd74
Other than internal debate of what to put as review...

Not put into the public radar over the years is pretty wild. Aka. News
5/19 c9 Battles
The more you know
5/19 c8 Heh
Trust is key
5/19 c7 Pass
A bed is great to sleep in... like I did while reading this chap.
5/18 c6 Luckily
Things are oddly different...

PDA, but everyone seemingly ignored
5/18 c5 Conspiracy
Remember we will be watching.
5/18 c4 Huh
Not sure if there was anything to say about the first half, but the second half even jokes taken too far are paid in full.
5/18 c3 Taste
I remember a certain pink vampire changing the taste of blood via diet (or different food being consumed before drinking blood).
5/18 c2 The Voice
What would happen if the owner of the voice was practically in the same area as him and as he responded to it leaving an awkward situation?
5/18 c1 Disbelief
I'm in shock that this worked.
5/13 c96 Warrior2911
Well these last 2 chapters were bizarre, I loved them keep up the good work
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