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for The Crimson Gardevoir

2/19 c64 shades89
It's pretty awesome getting to know the characters a bit more with the whole Q&A.

Really interested in what the general has in mind for Max and co.

Was really funny chapter to read. Please do keep it up!
2/19 c64 metaknight19
Pretty good, I never knew your Pokemon were a few inches taller than average of their species. Nice of you to answer these questions many of us had wondered, and the way it was presented is quite nice. Thumbz upz.
2/19 c64 2DuskenWillow
Always brings a smile when I see a new chapter being added. Even more so when we can see a special. A personal preference as to where the story could go would be for jade to find a place in the village and Sally join the ranks. Still going to be looking forward to whatever comes.
2/19 c64 blue grimmoire
thanks for the chapter man
2/18 c15 Guest
It's a great story! I've read every chapter so far. Could use more femdom though!
2/16 c18 Beffyffj
Max how often do you you use your Pokédex? And have you’ve already used it to gain more knowledge on each of your companions? what does it say going in depth?
2/16 c63 TheLostOne
Hi Max and gang, I'm curious if you have any future plans for sally on your journey? She seems head over heels for you max
2/11 c63 slap daka
To the gang:

any idea of what happened to Qsalyla?
2/11 c63 slap daka
Garrand: question for Max, have you ever thought of the possibility of you yourself learning to use aura in a manner similar to a lucario?
2/11 c60 Krampus
Max have you ever thought of setting down and having kids once your journey comes to end?

What would the girls think of that?
2/9 c63 Anonymous
You all come across the mythical wish Pokemon, Jirachi. Besides each other's company, what would each of you wish for?
2/9 c63 Loz
Hey Scarlet, if Max ever try’s talking back to you should use psychic and clutch his schlong, then twist it while looking at him in the eye and say: “I am the last cockbender, kneel before me”
2/7 c63 TierTaker
Gotta say I really love all these characters and how the story is shaping up so far. Keep it up!
Max:Have you ever thought about calling your dad to tell him how successful you are now?

Bonny:it's said that lopunny ears could whip and shatter a boulder. While mega lopunny could bend steel. Is this true?

Dusk: was it easy for you to adjust from walking on 4 legs your entire life to suddenly waking up and walking on 2? If not were there any awkward mishaps?

May:Do you know how much of an arsenal for pain you can be? You can learn Sludge bomb,flamethrower,ice beam,hyper beam,solar beam,and fire blast to name a few. After you learn the one you're practicing now whats next?

Aurora:You don't really see the appeal in human shows but maybe you should give anime a try. Your Ability is pretty similar to the transformations those characters can take.

Luna: How far can your illusions go? Like could you turn into a pidgey and take flight?

Jade:Besides dusk who do you spend the most time with in the group?

Scarlet:When you achieve mega evolution what is the first thing you'll do?
2/6 c63 Fake Account dammit
Question for Max. Do you have burn heals on hand just in case fire types get a bit too hot?
2/5 c63 Anonymous
Questions for each individual member.

Max: Have you ever tried coming up with a team name for yourself and the girls? (If I could make a few suggestions; Team Crimson, Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up.)

Scarlett: Max dies but is immediately reincarnated as a newborn Ralts with no memory of who he once was. Would you take care of and raise him as your adopted son with everyone's help? (There is no way to restore his memories.)

Bonny: What was something that you have always wanted to do, but haven't be able to for whatever reason? (Besides doing it with your master, that is)

Dusk: Can a Braixen/Delphox use multiple sticks or are you limited to just one?

May: It states in the pokedex that a mawilencan use its maw to eat foods it doesn't like. Is that true, or is that another myth?

Aurora: In a competitive best 3 out of 5 series, which of the following do you feel is worse or more satisfying: losing/winning by a clean sweep (0-3 loss, 3-0 victory), or losing/winning by a reverse sweep (2-3 loss with opponent making the comeback, 3-2 victory with you making the comeback)?

Luna: During your travels, have you ever came across any humans or pokemon that did something so stupid, you deside to leave them alone thinking, "What could I possibly to to them that's worse than what they just did to themselves?"

Jade: They say that the word F.E.A.R is an acronym that has 2 meanings that are dependent on how one sees it. Forget everything and Run/Face Everything and Rise. I know you have difficulty adapting to everything as of late, but thanks for trying your hardest to do so, so my question to you is; will you run, or will you rise?

To the group as a whole (anyone can answer): Are you guys interested in having a Karaoke night? I am curious as to what song(s) you all will sing.
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