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for The Crimson Gardevoir

10/5/2016 c14 Alph97
Amazing fic, usually I prefer a more dominating MC (saw too much japanese wimp MC) but yours is not bas. Even if I wish he stand up more against Scarlet to show who's the boss here sometime.
Otherwise I love your characters interactions and plot/PLOT developpement. I was agreably surprised by the possibility for your MC to be stronger I really look forward to it.
And I wonder why you don't implement the idea of pokepack, a backpack (or any bag) like the game that can contain a lot of thing in a pocket dimension with reduced weight ? With object like pokeball in your story that can contain living things. It should not ne surprising that tools like pokepack can exist.
9/30/2016 c14 The.UnkownStranger
Scarlet isolating as ever. I do not know what was what Bonny made the Manetric of the Gym Leader. Max was "raped" ... again and is almost without money. LOL And I really thought that Scarlet would feel a little sad about the fact of not receiving a mega rock. I'm really curious to know whether Scarlet or May will earn a mega rock and Dusk will evolve soon. Despite all still a great Fic and I think only improves each chapter. Great job and good luck in your life and in your writing. ;)
9/30/2016 c14 RedGargoyle09
Try a very affectionate Goodra for his next pokemon. Have her found in a big city were she is being taken in by guys using prods and trying to use her as a breeder. Have her start off as fearful of humans but tries to hug Scarlets trainer for protection. (Maybe have Scarlet teach her to shape her chest area in the future, you know goodras can be a bit gooey.)
9/30/2016 c14 55Thunderwolf7226
This was good. I liked the battle and shopping scenes. I really liked where he was double teamed in bed
9/29/2016 c14 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next!

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Keep up the great work!
9/29/2016 c14 Lunar-Starlight39
his master?
9/29/2016 c14 Gespenter
This is getting nice, poor wallet though.
9/26/2016 c13 Lunar-Starlight39
9/22/2016 c13 Thunderwolf7226
This was really good.
9/22/2016 c13 Gespenter
Well that was interesting. Cant wait to see the next member and the gym battle
9/18/2016 c12 The Ralts Fan
This chapter was again wonderful! I certainly was not expecting the death, but i suppose that shows just how mush scarlet cares for max! But this will surly test the relationship between scarlet and bonnie... I cant wait for this next chapter to see how you make this work for them. keep up the great work Ballandroll!
9/16/2016 c12 Thunderwolf7226
Oh dang! I liked how the girls talked about their feelings for Max. The ending was a nice twist.
9/15/2016 c12 aetHer929
9/15/2016 c12 Lunar-Starlight39
will shit
9/15/2016 c12 just F me up fam
Well GODDAMN! interesting end to this one LUL
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