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for Word Girl and the growing envy

8/9/2022 c13 Guest
So poor lesis in jail she dose so much for her boss who's mean to her getting her in jail for him and over works her and she's under paid
2/28/2019 c34 2adrienna73
I’m going to start reading sequel NOW!
2/28/2019 c32 adrienna73
Really funny chapter
2/28/2019 c31 adrienna73
I think it’s gross that Victoria is dating Eileen. They are both girls.

Other than that, keep up the good work!
2/28/2019 c30 adrienna73
I think it’s funny when you write that Bob is doing his “Monkey Business” in the bathroom. Actually, there is an episode called “Monkey Business” It’s one of my favorites. Do you get it from there?
2/28/2019 c28 adrienna73
I laughed to hard when Bob gave Tobey a “She’s my girl too” look. Bob would totally be overprotective over her because he is like a 3rd parent besides the Tim and Sally Botsford.

Do you notice that she sort of treats him like a friend/parent? It’s a weird but really sweet relationship. And in the household he is kind of bossy sometimes. I love Captain HuggyFace/Bob. He is my favorite character after WordGirl/Becky

I definitely need a monkey in my life. That only I can understand! That’ll be awesome
2/28/2019 c26 adrienna73
When I read this chapter joke, I was likeShe has been writing so beautiful and now she rushed it to finish like that?” But I was relieved that it was a joke.
2/28/2019 c18 adrienna73
I have filmed The Rise Of Miss Power. PM me if you want me to send you the link, I’ll gladly share it to anyone who wants it
8/14/2016 c34 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was good. :)
I like how you made Jackie and the people that are like her the Seven Deadly Sins. I wasn't expecting that lol. But I think that's really cool. :D
I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the sequel. :)

Well, anyway, great story and can't wait to read more stories. 'Til next time. ;D
8/13/2016 c34 4fromhexagon
What a ride! I really enjoyed your story and look forward to reading its sequel - the idea of others like her all representing the rest of the seven deadly sins sounds interesting :)
8/13/2016 c34 Deepizzaguy
Great story that you wrote about Wordgirl as an adult facing her toughest challenges. Keep up the great work with the original characters. If u r interested in working got WG Ventures their email address is They need some help in making the new Wordgirl show called Wordgirl Advance.
7/25/2016 c33 6InuKaglover4ev22
This was good. :)
Liquor flavored chocolates. That's a new one lmao. But I'm glad everyone had a good time. :)

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
7/9/2016 c32 InuKaglover4ev22
This was really good. :)
I'm glad the villains didn't cause Becky too much trouble, and I'm glad she was able to spend the rest of her time with Tobey.
I hope the Christmas party goes well.

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
7/2/2016 c31 InuKaglover4ev22
This was good. ;)
I wonder how much trouble the villains are going to cause Becky which just the regular making a mess as a party guest lol.

Well, anyway, great chapter and can't wait to read the next one. ;D
7/1/2016 c14 1MyLittleBigBangSwitchAtOlympus
His name is Glenn I believe
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