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6/12/2016 c34 35To-AntigoneEvenstar
Go team, go!
I'll certainly be waiting for you, no worries! :)
5/28/2016 c32 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Oh dear. Um, it might just be me, but this chapter is a little bit of an error? Like I can see the...coding, I guess? Otherwise it looks very interesting.
5/28/2016 c31 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Satoshi is creepy, which is well done as a writer. And I suppose Hibari is rather oblivious to certain things, isn't he? At least he keeps Sasagawa entertained. And busy. But I like your rendition of him. He's complicated and twisty but also rather straightforward, I think, when you understand what he considers proper motivation/important. Very nice.
5/28/2016 c30 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Poor Mukuro. Poor Tsuna. Poor you, as I review three weeks later (because I'm a terrible procrastinator, and time is fluid).
But the dime has dropped. Now to see what it means for Tsuna.
5/11/2016 c29 To-AntigoneEvenstar
"I forgot to check"- in any universe, Sasagawa is definitely himself. And Lal! Having to cry like that. That's...some dedication to her work, I suppose. I certainly couldn't do it, although I can't cry on demand, either.
Hopefully Tsuna's not getting himself into trouble. Unlikely, but he seems safe-ish? Interesting chapter.
5/4/2016 c28 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Poor Kusakabe!
...I guess being one of the strongest people in the world doesn't guarantee being one of the coolest, no matter what persona you try to put forth. Poor Lal. And Skull. And Takashi. And random detective. Geez, you had fun torturing everybody this chapter, huh? But a lot happened that was necessary, so it's all good.
4/23/2016 c27 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Whistles- wow. This was a great chapter. I loved the interaction with the Sasagawa siblings, it was very well done. The Skull training session and the line of thought was great. Takashi needs to trust Skull, but he also needs to be pushed, or the whole things pointless. I really liked this chapter, well done!
4/18/2016 c26 To-AntigoneEvenstar
This chapter gets better as it goes on, not story-wise but in writing. You hit your pace towards the end of Skull's explanation. Some of the (interesting, but could be incorporated into the story more smoothly, not that I'm really one to criticize for using parenthesis) parenthesis are overdone, making it difficult to follow sometimes. Like two paths in a forest? It's good commentary, it just needs to flow better. But like I said, the chapter gets better as it goes on. Skull is an interesting character here, oddly canon and yet not at the same time.

And your Kawahira and his motivation is pretty cool. I like how you're molding this universe, so don't let writing difficulties get you down. You can always edit, but telling the story itself is the hardest part. Good job so far.
4/14/2016 c25 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Ok. So yes, This chapter seems to have pacing issues, like everything is happening at once. But you know this, and it's fixable. Moving on, Skull needs to work on his ability as a relationship counselor, but at least Takashi talked instead of avoiding, so it's a step in the right direction, I guess.

And it all comes down to this, really, because Tsuna has been the person/thing that really forces Takashi to change and do things differently. Both Kawahira and Tsuyoshi take Takashi as he is, but Tsuna pushes him forward. So it's a very important chapter, as well.
4/2/2016 c24 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Good grief, Takashi is bad at using his words, eh? Poor Tsuna. Poor Skull (who is also having fun at others expense, this seems to be a theme with you). Very nice.

As a side note, my mom made flan once, but it wasn't very sweet? Maybe it was just that recipe, mom isn't big on super-sweet stuff. Or maybe Salvadoran flan is different? *shrugs*
3/27/2016 c23 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Sheesh, you sound busy. So congratulations for getting the chapter our at all.
One of the things I really like about this story of yours is that you have a lot of characters interact that normally don't in both canon and the fandom. Your Skull/Takashi dynamic is interesting, and you're building something I look forward to seeing more of. Takashi is the right mix of suspicious and intrigued, and Skull seems to have found a new...experiment? Trainee? Student? Something. Very cool.
3/19/2016 c22 To-AntigoneEvenstar
Ok. So the first part was really sad, my poor Takashi. The second part- I feel for Tsuyoshi. Kawahira is a troll. And hmm, is this payback from Colonello I wonder, or something unrelated? Here's to your next arc! Good job.
3/18/2016 c21 To-AntigoneEvenstar
...You're really just enjoying putting the arcobaleno through the wringer, aren't you? Interesting, I can't wait to see where the next arc goes.
And there! I'm all caught up on chapters, just in time for the next. Keep up the good work!
3/18/2016 c20 To-AntigoneEvenstar
So. Colonello had a really bad day. And I loved reading Tsuyoshi go major bamf to protect his kid. So cool.
3/18/2016 c19 To-AntigoneEvenstar
...The lengths Kawahira has to go to. The idiots he has to put up with! Or is that Reborn's line this chapter?
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