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11/29/2015 c1 67WhatifStoryTeller
Just some advice, I would place "fem!Laxus fem!Freed fem!Bickslow male!Evergreen" or genderbent characters, or just Fem!Laxus (to save space) in your summary. So it's easier to search for, and people won't think Alexus is an OC (mainly because when you gender bent characters, the first letter is kept to avoid confusion... so like calling her Lax or Laxis or something along the lines of that).

And maybe even add the character's name to the story (it's on the page where you edit your story's title and summary, asking to include characters).

Sorry, about this. For some readers, they search by tag (in summary, like AU or Fem!Natsu) or by characters, so this should help more people find your story. And there's a community that collects genderbents, so I included this story. Hopefully I'll see more of these types of stories!

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