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9/15/2019 c7 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it
2/9/2019 c7 3SakuraKoi
so good
7/29/2017 c7 4FANactic Writer
Cobra a sadist I'm guessing.
3/26/2017 c6 FANactic Writer
I'm really loving Cobra antics!~
3/25/2017 c6 AyameKitsune
Epic! More!
3/21/2017 c5 FANactic Writer
Welcome to the world Natsume!~
3/19/2017 c5 AyameKitsune
Awwwww! More please!
3/17/2017 c4 FANactic Writer
My heart...broken.
3/13/2017 c4 AyameKitsune
Epic! More please!
3/11/2017 c3 1PuffyEyebags31
Im guessing that you mean Reborn instead of Renato?
2/12/2017 c3 MadaraUchiha-Chan
Renato you sneaky bastard
Update this soon XD
12/3/2016 c3 Guest
jhaGSfjagyfgUShgHieyHIhSDOighHOHSAGOHGOHAP zozmgzz OH MY GAWD. Please continue
8/2/2016 c3 1OrchidTeaPot
They are both amazing pairs that it's hard to pick. Put I choose Fon though the reborn snippet was adorable
5/25/2016 c3 Yuki shiroma
Please! Update son i cant wait for the next chapter!
5/25/2016 c3 16FallenNiji
Yay! Fon x Viper and Reborn x Viper! So cute~
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