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2/12/2022 c9 Guest
I love Leo ’s right up there with Nico on “ most horrible childhood”
3/22/2021 c21 10lulu0917
Loved it!
3/22/2021 c5 lulu0917
Kinda confusing...
7/27/2020 c21 Guest
Ahhhh that was so good (hehe I read both in about a day*sheepishly grins*) please write another one that goes along with both of them and happens after. Nobody else has these types of things
6/5/2020 c21 firestar365
this was the most beautiful, most powerful story i've ever read.
you are that's a fact
thx 4 writing this wonderful story
4/18/2020 c21 3Writer2006
Good job
4/18/2020 c19 Writer2006
Since I can't PM you...

I just wanted to tell you that this story Flawed Heroes was added to my Community called
Best Percy Jackson Stories Ever

If anyone needs help finding it PM me...
4/18/2020 c18 Writer2006
Why is this story not in any communities?

Good thing I have one!
4/14/2020 c21 Guest
Dam. Just... wow. I'm impressed. This was really good! Not something you'd expect from a fanfiction.
4/8/2020 c21 6pinkskyplanet
I love this story and your other one, Tensions. Are you planning to write more stories in this theme of the demigods learning about each other? That's my favorite trope! Your stories are such high quality, with interesting, unique plot.
4/6/2020 c3 3Writer2006
So good
1/31/2020 c8 9pertemis45
Oh shiz. With their fatal flaws being outside of them they aren't them. With no insecurity in frank he's acting first. Without Percy's loyalty he doesn't have any ties. Without hazels guilt she doesn't understand... Oh gods...
12/26/2019 c20 53AquaEclipse
*laughs because it's Jason's job to get hit (on) by a brick*
12/26/2019 c19 AquaEclipse
Thank you, Grudge/Rancor. We really needed that. Everyone is being an idiot. Except Piper.
12/26/2019 c14 AquaEclipse
Need a tissue box? I'll be getting the whole stash from home. This is one life that I know I probably don't want to live in person... no offense. It's harsh. It's heartbreaking. It's literally going to Hell in a handbasket.
The vague-erased-kinda memory... might as well stab me in the heart. This chapter is just putting me in an Iron Maiden and leaving me in there for the rest of the segment.
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