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for Sakura Yagari

12/4/2015 c9 Adele
I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.
12/2/2015 c8 FrAn
Love to much this fanfic , sakura is going to change the plot? , maybe b like yuki*pureblood"*
12/2/2015 c9 8IcKreme
So from the previous chapter, will we ever get more drunk Zero moments?
12/1/2015 c8 9Cyber Gumi
I'm too sexy
12/1/2015 c7 Cyber Gumi
Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? Yes fen 14th
12/1/2015 c6 Cyber Gumi
12/1/2015 c5 Cyber Gumi
So that was and tiny
12/1/2015 c4 Cyber Gumi
That was disturbing
11/25/2015 c7 8IcKreme
Yeah~ They're sooooooooo cute...but that moment Kaname comes in expect glares of hate for King Bastard
11/25/2015 c7 Star Dreamer Peace
OMG its valentine day little fluff with Sakura and Zero. Wonder what going to happen next.
11/25/2015 c6 TheRealTayler13
Plz update soon can't wait to read more
11/24/2015 c6 IcKreme
I got excited before you said that Kanname can get with her...then...I blew my top daying is Keep Calm and Hate Kanname and also Keep Calm and Love Zero...sooooooo yeah
11/21/2015 c5 IcKreme
Just so you shipping SukixZeros...Kanname can go screw himself
11/17/2015 c3 TheKurove
Thank you so,much , it is awesome 3 , i hace a question: since the Day she meet toga she already change vampire knight so would it matter if she change the vk world ? O.O?
11/19/2015 c4 Star Dreamer Peace
Really enjoyed reading the chapter and hope zero would be okay. Update whenever possible.:D
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