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11/8/2015 c1 TFXGolem
This is a great start to a possibly epic story. I just hope that you aren't one of those authors that adds in characters without changing the story to fit the changes.

A good example would be what if they do not go with the world conquest route or what if they split up and each goes to a different nation as part of the info gathering. There are endless possibilities. Just as long as you don't mindlessly follow canon story with only minuscule changes.
11/8/2015 c1 superfanman217
i love it i hope 2 c more
11/8/2015 c1 2Juny23
Wow. I've been looking for a story where Ainz has some of his guildmates with him in the New World, and you have delivered! Things are shaping up to be very interesting indeed and I can't wait to read it. I've read the LN before watching the anime so I don't think I'll be in the dark with regards to details. Please keep up the good work and hope to read more soon! :D
11/8/2015 c1 5Sgt. M00re
Yes! another overlord fanfic. There are not enough of them or cross overs.
11/8/2015 c1 8Lord Blood
oh god i bet i can already predict one major plot point. luci fer betrays the guild and takes shalltear with him. i hope i'm wrong and that doesn't happen.

anyway, i can't wait to see where this goes. is it going to the same universe that the LN follows, or will you create your own like another author did? will the addition of 3 other players change the way momonga acts? he seems like a spineless bitch in the LN, so maybe someone who actually has a goal and isn't floundering his way through everything would be a nice sight.
11/8/2015 c1 Guest
This is by far the best overlord fanfic I have read please don't stop.
11/8/2015 c1 Guest
that's a nice beginning, i am looking forward to the next chapter
11/8/2015 c1 90lord of the land of fire
Very interesting beginning. The friendship and interplay among the four players was a fun element.
11/8/2015 c1 Shin1gam1
I love it!
11/8/2015 c1 20Zaru
Well now... this was quite a shock to see in my email. But then again, you're going off of the LNs and not the anime. So perhaps I'll continue on the anime to give it a chance. Is Luci and Hero2 canon members of AOG?

Still, this looks quite good... think you'll post this to SB/SV?
11/8/2015 c1 1Weisser Ritter
10/10 I loved it, better than mine even.

That was really well written, and the setup was good too. You preserved Overlord's style pretty well, while increasing the slapstick humor that the presence of more players would cause.

Luci Fer is a magnificent bastard like I thought. I'm rather scared at the things he'll do to the New World with the kind of power he has now. I guess it could be worse.

Fav'd, followed, bookmarked, etc.
11/8/2015 c1 Xalve
Glad to have you back. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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