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for Inside Out AU: An 'Emotional' School Year

12/9/2017 c1 Guest
Hey online sister
9/10/2017 c4 Guest
Because each one was in love with one of Joys parents?
7/13/2017 c20 2ulli-star
I think I remember you saying you had fanfictions for other fandoms. Does that mean you have other accounts? If so, what are they? I'd be curious to read your other stories.
12/31/2016 c20 31iHateFridays
And... that's it! It's finished and done with, yo! That was a very heartwarming chapter! I guess I still don't like romance, but my brain wouldn't leave me alone if I didn't finish reading the story XD. But don't worry, I did like the chapter though. Anyway, well done on this story! This chapter has a lot of feels in it, and I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate that (even me). You did really well with this story, and I'll say it now: congratulations on finishing it! Whatever you're planning to do in the future, good luck, and I'm wishing you the best! :)

12/30/2016 c1 Bubbles13
I loved this story! It was so cute, funny, and very emotional. I'm so proud of you!
12/30/2016 c20 CNBW
OMG YES YES YESSSSSSS! You literally have no idea how excited I was when I checked my email and seen the update. Everything about this chapter I loved, starting off with Joy's diary. Dang that pulled at my heart strings. Then I thought it was rather adorable when Sadie and Disgust planned for the 2 to meet. And when Joy and Felix noticed each other I literally put down my laptop and starting running around my house XD. Anyways, the mistletoe. I was on the edge on my seat yelling "ARE THEY GONNA KIS YET? AHHH!" and then came my favorite line in the story: "OH FOR THE LOVE OF STARNERVE JUST KISS EACH OTHER ALREADY!" I pretty mush lost it there. AND THEN THEY FINALLY KISSED! YESS!

I absolutely loved this story, it's funny, sad, and well written! Once again you have impressed everybody with an amazing story like this.
Not sure if you're gonna be making more anytime soon but ah whatever, Happy New Year! :DD
12/30/2016 c20 2SolarGoddess99
Hey star, it's great to see you again! I thought this story was discontinued. Glad It wasn't.
I loved how the ending turned out. That was fantastic! And way Joy and Felix met again as adults was the spotlight of the whole chapter. It finally happened, they are together now! The job choices for others totally fit them, especially Angus'. (I wonder how he looks in a police uniform, definitely handsome! XD)

I Also wanted to say, you did a wonderful job on writing this story. I had a good time reading it and I will definitely reread it again, It was one of the best au fics I've ever read. Thank you so much for writing this amazing story and for sharing it with us on here. I wish you luck for your future plans, I always look forward to them. Amazing job as always! :)

PS: merry Christmas and Happy new year to you as well :)
12/30/2016 c20 101VickyT36
What a great story, good job.
12/30/2016 c20 20HollyAnne1084
StarNerve, you don't know how proud I am of you for completing this story! You have no idea how much I enjoyed it; the romance, the tension, the drama, everything about it! This story has been one of my most favorite stories EVER; out of every freaking IO story on this fandom, this one was my most favorite!

I gotta be honest, that was a pretty clever epilogue, with the characters more grown up and having their own careers. I liked that. And I'm also glad to see Joy finishing her college as a teacher and her greetings with her friends a compete success! What was even more successful is Joy and Felix kissing... *squeals*

So StarNerve, even though this last chapter was a "I quit" type, I still loved it a ton! In general, I absolutely loved this story and again, I'm really proud with the way it turned out! I'm very happy for you with how much support this story has: everyone loves it! :)

Congratulations on competing this awesome story and good luck with your Truth or Dare! If you have any questions or need some help, PM me and I'll be happy to reply! Oh and thanks for the DeviantArt welcome! Since I have an account, I may draw something from this story...:)
12/30/2016 c20 8WriterofBliss
Congratulations. That's all I have to say: congratulations! This was such a great payoff. I'm so glad to have been here for the long haul, concerning the story, and to see it finally come to a close has made me a bit sad, but this entire story was phenomenally done. Once again, congratulations. Also, I'm sorry that you're disappointed with being a part of FanFiction. You write such good stories.
12/3/2016 c19 BusyBee2016
11/21/2016 c1 Sydney
Oooo, this is getting even more intense :) I really hope Joy and Felix can be together! I've shipped them since the beginning! Starnerve for life! I am in love with this latest chapter, the moments in this are priceless, memorable, and adorable! You've truly outdone yourself. I cannot wait for the next chapter :) :) Good luck to you, and you are amazing!
11/21/2016 c19 BusyBee2016
You're welcome anyways. And I was wondering how do I show you the drawing? I don't know how. And this chapter... IT'S SO AMAZING! I could feel the Starnerve fluff all the way! You are so god at making these fanfics. And also I saw that when Sadie said,"can you smack me?" You wrote Sadness. But that's okay. And I am dying to know the thing that Freddie wants Felix to discover himself. I hope it's not bad.
11/12/2016 c19 2SolarGoddess99
You're actually right, since when Anger is getting all the attention?! XD
Anyway, I loved how the prom turned out. Those sweet moments they had, they were just perfect, specially Angus and Desiree's. They were my favorite
I still can't believe Joy is moving... she really need keep in touch with her friends. With all of them of course, after all those times they spent together. I hope Joy and Felix get together in future and pick up where they left off.
Amazing job as always my friend :)

P.S : Your stories are still amazing, trust me.
11/8/2016 c19 101VickyT36
This chapter was really romantic, but Joy's moving? Say it isn't so.
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