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for Dear Castle

11/9/2015 c1 Dianna1965
Loved the start of this story. Please update soon!
11/9/2015 c1 txgal2015
I can't believe you left us hanging. Please update again tonight.

Thank you

11/9/2015 c1 Guest
Interesting start! Can't wait for more :)
11/9/2015 c1 sKyoKun
Interesting first chapter. I'm looking to read more of this and to see what he will tell Kate :o
11/9/2015 c1 TORONTOSUN
Is this complete or are you going to continue this story. I like the premise of it. I wonder what Kate wrote down.
11/9/2015 c1 southerngirl1
Wow, more ASAP plesse...
11/9/2015 c1 6CrimeGirl912
I loved this chapter, please update ASAP.
11/9/2015 c1 6gostopow
Didn't anybody tell Castle that curiosity killed the cat? Being the private person Beckett is I doubt she is going to be happy with Castle reading her inner most thoughts.
11/9/2015 c1 life's a mystery
dun dun dun! I'm sure whatever Kate has written will be hard for Rick to read. I hope this brings them closer together
11/9/2015 c1 19Purple Satin
Ohh. So looking forward to your next update. Thanks for writing and sharing.
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