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11/3/2020 c14 LookingForMissWrite
Omg, I absolutely love this story. Even though it doesn’t seem like you’ll update again, I just wanted to say thank you for writing this story so far and sharing it with us! Your writing is really wonderful and I love your oc so much! The way that you write Hisoka actually just melts my heart and your characterisation of Kite is just so well done. Thank you, you wonderful writer!
9/25/2019 c1 Kthegoodchild
Cool story!
5/28/2017 c14 moonlight phonex101
This is so cute! I love it!
2/19/2017 c14 HelpfulNudge
Other that what I previously mentioned, the story is cute and written well.
2/19/2017 c13 HelpfulNudge
She seems so nervous and insecure.. it doesn't really make as much sense that Hisoka is okay with that or hasn't fixed that issue...He's not one to ever tolerate weakness...And adding Leorio would be a little much, I think... Cerridwen's way too nervous and weak, in my opinion... Also, the songs mention Scotland or Ireland or England...which don't exist in the HxH world...
2/19/2017 c6 HelpfulNudge
The Hisoka relationship reads rather rushed...but not overly bad...and the polyamorous talk w/ Kite certainly reads "forced"...but still, it works.
5/18/2016 c14 guest2
Omg she and kite are perfect for eachother!
3/23/2016 c14 Guest
Please update! I absolutely love this! I love how you have written this!
3/22/2016 c14 Guest
I really am excited for more, i hope you update soon.
3/15/2016 c14 SoulXHunter
Well that was darling as fuck
Absolutely adorable
I completely understand why she loves kite
He is literally the sweetest guy ever
She belongs with him more than Hisoka (if the decision were ever to arise)
Lovely story
Can't wait to see what happens next
Looking forward to future chapters
Please update soon ;)
3/3/2016 c13 SoulXHunter
Awwwe that was nice! Well done, Leorio!
That damn examiner is such an asshole
Poor cerridwen had to see all the dead kites... Oh shit what will happen when his arm really does come off?
Please don't kill off kite later in the chimera arc... I know it's far away, but I just got really sad.
Well, if cerridwen is there to affect the fight, maybe fate will change for him
Great chapter
Looking forward to future chapters
Please update soon ;)
2/3/2016 c12 guest
Omg for c and please i need to find out more please update soon the way
2/2/2016 c12 LuthienAwdur
Yisus! That's a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I fell sorry for C. On the other hand ... before this chapter I wasn't interested by Kite. His character has never called me too much attention, but here is more interesting. Please, if you want, it would be very interesting to get to the chimera ants arc. Almost all fics of HxH end before they reach that part -.-
2/2/2016 c10 LuthienAwdur
Hisoka its like... creepy. In the way that it's weird when he is being a "normal" and supporting boyfriend
1/31/2016 c12 cuddlebunny0330
This makes me feel really anxious for the Chimera ant arc...hopefully, you'll be active on here long enough to get to that point.
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