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for Captain America's Shield

5/18/2020 c6 1melodiabeaupel
This is darling! And hilarious! I snorted at Bruce's comment about Chitari guts.
3/9/2020 c5 7Fantasia Komix
Yuck. Poor Steve.
3/3/2020 c6 12Falconress
I loved it!
3/3/2020 c5 Falconress
You used my idea! :)
2/9/2020 c4 Falconress
Snow can be a pain. Also, one thought. Captain America's shield looks kind of like an oversized plate, don't you think?...
2/9/2020 c3 Falconress
Aww, so sweet amount and cute!
2/9/2020 c2 Falconress
... How come I can see them doing this?
2/9/2020 c1 Falconress
9/2/2019 c3 7Fantasia Komix
This story is still so hilarious! I really hope you update this soon.
3/14/2019 c4 Fantasia Komix
No, it wasn't sad...it was HILARIOUS! I really hope you update this again in the near future. :D (drum?)
7/10/2018 c4 14Jessica Jayme Bell
It's freaking adorable is what it is
6/29/2018 c4 Guest
he should cook campfire pizza on the shield
6/21/2018 c4 HI
Cool Story!
12/24/2017 c3 Jessica Jayme Bell
That was adorable!
11/6/2017 c2 flashgirl
So happy you updated this story! i got an email notification (I'm too lazy to sign in :P ) and I thought 'oooo new story by my favorite ff write!' yep you're my favorite! then i realized it was an old story that was updated! cool! more reading for me! :D
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