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for William's Prophecy

1/25/2016 c4 brendafay
more please
2/26/2003 c4 Anne Rose
Very interesting, I'm enjoying this. I hope you are still working on it. I can't wait to see what Angel makes of this. ;-)
1/7/2003 c4 6Spuffygirl
Wonderful story and very original. Update ASAP!
1/6/2003 c3 katelynndc
Continue! Continue! I love this fic! I want more chapters now I say now! Oh, never mind me, I'm just rambling on you know! Very good! :D
1/5/2003 c2 katelynndc
This story is awesome! You can picture the scenes because you have lots of description and not a whole bunch of dialogue. Which is of the good don't worry! Continue the story soon, can't wait for the next chapters! By the way I added this story to my favorite's list. P.S. I love your screen name!
1/4/2003 c1 3Capitalist Vixen
Nice start to what sound like a good story. Unique plotline, a very rare thing! Please continue!

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