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for Five Times Felicity Finds the Ring

11/14/2015 c5 7kln101
This one was my favorite. Thanks for writing!
11/14/2015 c5 1queenKLee
Beautifully-written proposal! Hope we get to see a similar scene soon between SA & EBR..
11/14/2015 c5 claofna
Yeah, never mind. I have a new favorite one. Perfection
11/14/2015 c5 Olicityjapril4happyeverafter
Awesome I think this was my favourite one. I love both team Arrow and Flash and love how you had Barry find it and be on one knee hahaha..
11/14/2015 c3 4RockerPrincess83
I would've paid good money to see Felicity's face when she saw that ring. Or better yet Oliver's face when he busted in that room with Felicity holding on to the ring. Ending was perfect. Another great chapter :)
11/14/2015 c5 Staceyyyy
I wish you'd continue! All of these are brilliant :)
11/14/2015 c2 RockerPrincess83
Is it just younger siblings that don't get the hint to stop talking when their older sibling desperately wants them to (not that I speak from experience or anything ;) )? This was so cute. I loved thr panicked Oliver and little Thea/Felicity moment. Great chapter :)
11/14/2015 c5 narelclollie
Loved it! Barry's so clumsy. Definitely a proposal to remember!
11/14/2015 c5 BlueJean452
Love it.
11/14/2015 c5 Citigerfan
Beautiful speech, Oliver! He's right, it only works with her and it works even better now that they are together. Loved this one!
11/14/2015 c5 11odanigrl
Cute! I loved all the different scenarios and how felicity and oliver reacted in each one. I offs admit the last was my favorite mostly bc of course barry would donsowmthinglike that and I liked that oliver finally asked her in front of all their friends and family. Loved it and thanks for sharing.
11/14/2015 c5 75lateVMlover
Awkward moment created by Barry-priceless and perfect.
11/14/2015 c5 chocolatelovah08
Aww this had to be may favorite way for Felicity to find the ring out of the five! You capture the characters so well. I could completely envision this happening lol! This was great!
11/14/2015 c5 Guest
11/14/2015 c5 narwhalasaurus
Very sweet story. Loved each different scenario so much, I don't think I could pick a favorite!
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