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for Five Times Felicity Finds the Ring

11/14/2015 c5 27ChiefPam
Aww, this one's so sweet... I hope his real proposal is like this... you know, without Barry ;)
11/13/2015 c4 ChiefPam
Oh, that's cute! lol
11/13/2015 c4 claofna
This is my favorite "time" so far. I can totally see it happen
11/13/2015 c4 DancingInMyUnderwear
This one is my favourite so far. My current head cannon for how it will happen.
11/13/2015 c4 narelclollie
This one is my favorite yet! Loved it!
11/13/2015 c3 narelclollie
It's sweet how dejected Oliver was about her saying yes when he didn't get the chance to ask her! Loved it!
11/13/2015 c2 narelclollie
Loved it.
11/13/2015 c1 narelclollie
I loved this! Oliver was right that woman can out talk Felicity. I love the part where he was like don't think i don't ever want to marry you. It was beautiful.
11/13/2015 c3 uconnhuskiesfan2001
Cute! The anticipation of the actual proposal is killing me, so it's nice to have these "could be" scenarios in the meantime.
11/13/2015 c4 3thekiller00
This is the sweetest proposal I think so far.
11/13/2015 c4 BlueJean452
Great Chapter
11/13/2015 c1 4RockerPrincess83
Oh my god. Laura and her big mouth lol. All things considered I think Felicity handled that pretty well. Great chapter :)
11/13/2015 c4 4Twilight's Enchantress
These are great little dabbles on how she found the ring! Now just waiting for it to happen in the show...;)
11/13/2015 c4 Cree
Aw so cute :p and we all know they don't need to day yes. Both of them have said it many times through body language and the trust they have in each other
11/13/2015 c3 Alexoune
Omg stooooop that! Chapter 3 totally killed me! Omg. No words.
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