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for Five Times Felicity Finds the Ring

11/12/2015 c3 Cree
Aw That was adorable. Too! Please please arrow writers better give us a reveal as good as any of the 3 chapters you wrote. Can't write to see the other 2
11/12/2015 c1 Holly
As always, exquisite. Saw your A/N on a previous piece recently. I usually read your work when I'm on the road working from my car on my phone. Not the best time or method to leave a review. By the time I get home, I completely forget. So, all this is to say even if I don't put it down here, I am one of your biggest fans and I don't believe you have yet to write an Arrow Fic I didn't love. Keep feeding your muse and I'll keep gorging on the results!
11/12/2015 c3 CITigerfan
Oh I like this one! Could totally see it!
11/12/2015 c3 belcheto
Oh man...I love these stories! Makes me excited for it to happen on the show!
11/12/2015 c3 3thekiller00
This is a sweet chapter.
11/12/2015 c3 BlueJean452
Great Chapter
11/12/2015 c3 Redlioness62
Wouldn't it be cool if they did it like that on the show at the end of the episode? I can't wait until he asks her he better hurry up, or next time Thea is going to spill it completely!
11/12/2015 c2 Guest
This one was very sweet and I'm glad Thea was fine with Oliver using their mom's ring. I hope in the show Felicity will be good with it, as her main connection with Moira was being threatened by her, in a classy way of course.
11/12/2015 c2 1seaofhope
11/11/2015 c2 Ellarot
Amazing! I love the premise and the first two chapters are really fantastic. I hope you post more soon.
11/11/2015 c2 126alayneni
I like this. I'm looking forward to the other three!
11/11/2015 c2 BlueJean452
Great chapter
11/11/2015 c1 powsh
Loved it!
11/11/2015 c2 4ellefraser17
*grinning like a fool* I love the way you write period, but I particularly love the way you handle Thea. Amazing as always.
11/11/2015 c2 3thekiller00
I was kind of expecting Felicity to come down stairs while they were talking about the ring.
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