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for Rapturous Romance

2/28/2020 c1 Guest
10/10 would mastutbate to again!
1/15/2018 c1 AevaSkye
This chapter was art. The way the characters moved about the setting was truly the work of a master and the way they interacted with each other felt as real as a conversation between you and I. The line "jessus givs midel finger," was an amazing show of emotion, really showing the way "jessus" felt about his father. Fantastic overall, keep up the good work.
7/3/2017 c19 Satin
The satin x Jesus scenes are to spici it's become my otp
5/30/2017 c19 Guest
Oh my god I was crying at the end it's so EMOtional! No homo happened
5/3/2017 c19 just a lonley gi
will you Pease be my snepai
4/7/2017 c1 Alan Greenburg
Thank you. More people need to accept the lord into their life, and you are doing a good job at helping them.
3/6/2017 c1 3Invisible Stagehand
I am pleased to see that there are dogs in Heaven!
3/1/2017 c17 Harry B.Jackson
This is bloody brilant. Thank you. (not British or trying to be just a Harry potter fan)
2/17/2017 c1 Harry B.Jackson
Get a beta
2/9/2017 c17 Chisan BK
This was very nice. I enjoyed it very much.
12/12/2016 c15 Plshelpdischild
This beautiful but still. what the actual fuck
12/12/2016 c1 Plshelpdischild
What the actual fuck
3/6/2016 c14 3DemigodPrefect
This. Is. Amazing. I'm atheist and I would WORSHIP this Bible tbh.
3/4/2016 c4 Lez.Sparkel
I do hope you delete this story and I do hope that Jesus my Lord sees something in you and forgive you else you are so going to hell.
2/16/2016 c1 pheg.com.kr
updat plez
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