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for Past Sorrow And Future Hope

11/10/2015 c1 ctran03931
This is a really nice story and Lux and Scarlett are really a pony and dragon with potential for characters we can relate and attach to (Lux moreso, she could be a completely different Changeling from Chrysalis and her horde if she's a baby and she won't have the potential to become a being of evil since the love she's given to Twilight helped her overcome her lingering hate for immortality and she gave her a new reason to live).

The Vampponies could be interesting to learn about or Scarlett could be a dragon I'm interested in knowing since there could be a reason why she somehow hates ponies or doesn't trust them but respects them all the same, her personality caused by some sort of incident causing her to resent them somehow and how Spike came to be in love with her.
11/10/2015 c1 3Agithos
I love your story, not many fanfic talk about the future, the story is very good and Lux is sooo cute, i really hope you will do à sequel

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