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2/4 c1 Guest
Let me put it properly.


I’m doing ideas giveaways on all anime fanon and fandoms wikia which some are pretty cure ones in the form of comments at a page. I hope you check them out. I always put some up each month.
2/4 c1 Guest

Excuse I’m doing ideas giveaways on all anime canon and fandom Wikia which some are pretty cure ones. I always put some up each month so please check them out.
6/8/2020 c21 Guest
Excuse me need help. I did ideas giveaways which some of are Pretty Cure ideas on a page in the form of comments at this Wikia, All Anime Fanon and Fandoms and I want more people to see them and maybe adopt a few of them which my ideas giveaways are for everyone which means more than one person can adopt the same idea to do there very own separate version like for example, a series can be adopted by one person to do as there own version, the same series can be adopted again by another person to do as there own version etc. So I was wondering if you tell more people about them like on Fandom Of Pretty Cure Wikia etc. And/or adopt some ideas please.

By the way, the page that has the ideas giveaways comments on that Wikia is called Aladdin Monogatari.
2/14/2020 c21 3AmagawaSetsuko
I quickly scrolled through Team and miss know it all without reading them. maybe make the chapters shorter
1/16/2020 c18 AmagawaSetsuko
I used to be JaydenGoldenH4 but am now AmagawaSetsuko. oh, and Star Crossed is an awesome attack name! Also, the name Gloria reminds me of Pokemon SwSh
2/23/2019 c18 2morixxx
Well what can I say... I find this story very...nice! I like the way of this story flows. Not to mention about the inclusion of the other group of Precures in the story that makes it more lively.
I still can't get over about Nagisa and Fujipi's children, but at least it's easy to remember.
And for the precure attack called Star Crossed...hmmm... maybe...maybe not... don't know XD
Honestly...there's a lot of names to remember and it makes me confuse who's who sometimes XD
1/13/2019 c17 3AmagawaSetsuko
I'm just saying that you predicted star twinkle pretty cure before most people. and as far as I'm aware,the kirakira cures aren't there. I don't remember saying "got a fairy" and as for shooting star,you know the smile team,well,rename shooting star to be named after the cure who uses it. i first found this fanfiction by searching "shiny luminous fanfiction"
1/6/2019 c15 AmagawaSetsuko
twilight is also when cure scarlet was evil.
1/6/2019 c14 AmagawaSetsuko
there is an official cure star (hoshina hikaru). in star twinkle pretty cure.
1/5/2019 c5 AmagawaSetsuko
what are the kirakira cures doing here?
1/4/2019 c3 AmagawaSetsuko
shooting star is already an existing precure attack. used by cure dream.
12/29/2018 c1 AmagawaSetsuko
the surname minamino sounds familiar. oh,yeah,cure rhythm's surname is minamino i'm not reading this,just quickly scrolling through it. so,shougo and nagisa had 13 children,12 of which were named after months and the other got a fairy. (the 12 named after months are the dozen devils). honoka and kiriya had a child named akira. (that given name sounds familiar. oh,yeah,cure chocolat's name is akira)
9/3/2018 c1 E0Uni
Veri n1c3Vb7st0riup
7/15/2017 c27 2morixxx
Well, there are some part of story were quite confusing and it's a bit rush. But all in all, so far, is okay. By the way, the "maid cafe" thinging is somehow kind of familiar to me...or it's just my imagination. Well, keep it up!
4/9/2017 c20 white Angel 246
Finally I'm able to review! It's nice that Honoka wants to pass time with her daughter since in the anime she didn't hangout with her parent's much except on her birthday why did nagisa leave so suddenly XD oh also could you explain a bit more about kaito he still confuses me aside from that great chapter!
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