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3/13/2022 c25 GlaemingWounds
THIS is the revival I will forever imagine! There are a scary number of similarities to my husband and I… the scavenger hunt, the Neruda literary sexting, our anniversary is the 21st, etc. The character development is great because they finally mature enough to stop being hung up on the past wrongs. I absolutely love this fanfic!
Constructive feedback: I think the word choice “slaves to our writing” would be better “submissives” because it implies a more willing relationship. Also, Rory should have asked Lorelei to walk her down the aisle.
12/22/2019 c35 lexi888
Great story 3
12/24/2018 c33 dixie326
It was a perfect song for Rory to walk down the aisle to, especially that line. It reminded me of how once they were actually getting together they got so nervous and awkward with each other and there was that scene at the counter where they were saying hi to each other and were just really awkward about the whole thing.
12/24/2018 c25 dixie326
So do you live in Wilmington, NC? I noticed you had Rory and Jess go there on his book tour and I also noticed the bridge in your profile pic. It made me wonder if that was why you picked it.

Loved the invitations and the save the date cards. Such cool ideas on how to make them personal for Rory and Jess.
5/17/2018 c3 1Polishirishmomma
The writing is all dialogue. While it reminds me of the show, you need to be more descriptive of the surroundings, their features, their inner monologues and feelings.
2/21/2017 c33 3jldp3
This is such a beautifully written chapter. I had tears in my eyes. Through out reading your story I found myself becoming choked up or smiling. I was totally immersed in this story. You have a wonderful gift. I love this story.
2/21/2017 c27 jldp3
Again tears in my eyes when the Tiara was put on Rory's head and when they talked about trying on their dresses before their wedding. You have written a beautiful story.
2/21/2017 c21 jldp3
Wow once I found your story ,I find it hard to put down. I have tears in my eyes while reading. It is so beautifully written. One of the best fan fiction out there.
2/20/2017 c13 jldp3
You did a beautiful job writing this chapter. Tears again as I was reading the vows and the speeches.
2/20/2017 c9 jldp3
I had tears in my eyes reading the article. So well written.
1/5/2017 c10 2petrelismariano
Wow I was already loving this fic but this chapter was amazing ! Your writing is great too! Definitely one of my favorite fanfic
12/31/2016 c2 6AJ Granger
Jess is amazing in this. Extremely mature. Rory's treatment of him at Truncheon was pretty dirty and unfair, and then she never contacts him again for two years. And didn't even google him to see that he'd published a new book. Ouch. Hope she's got some serious apologizing to do in the future.
12/9/2016 c35 lucel18
Lovely job with your take on Jess and Rory's relationship and their relationships with the other characters of the series. Thank you for writing and sharing with us!
12/9/2016 c32 lucel18
I can totally see Jess being a sap with them!
12/9/2016 c23 lucel18
I can totally see Jess spoiling his little princess...Thank you for another wonderful chapter!
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