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12/28/2015 c7 Nancy
So many wonderful things happening in this chapter. Love the Rory and Jess interaction, Lorelai's approval should Jess and Rory become a couple again. Rory and Jess spending time together, sort of further reacquainting, is fun too. The bet - great segue into further closeness. Good work. thanks for writing and sharing. More soon please. And, Happy New Year!
12/30/2015 c7 14daughterofathena2
I live right near D.C, the Jenny Pool thing is true I've heard people talk about it like that. Great story! Please update soon!
12/28/2015 c7 Lcky
Just letting you know I'm still read and still waiting for more! Lol excellent chapter:) Cheers and may your muse keep you company always!

Happy New Year!
12/28/2015 c7 5funkirican
This was a fantastic and well-written chapter! I am looking forward to the next one.
12/27/2015 c7 jordana60
Now that was a fun chapter! the Philly tour,the ball,Pete Wentz,Nathan and Jess talking. I Would have like to know what Rory and Jess were wearing at the ball though. And I'm seeing the beginnings of a little Lit love!
12/27/2015 c7 RhizOneill
Wow great chapter. More please soon.
12/16/2015 c6 RhizOneill
awesome again. more please soon.
12/16/2015 c6 jordana60
Great story...I hope your hiatus isn't too long..I can't wait till Rory and Jess are in the same city, not to mention the balls!
12/9/2015 c5 RhizOneill
Awww great chapter again. I can't wait to read the next chapter soon.
12/9/2015 c5 11siss7
Darn...real like for getting in the way of your writing...looking forward to the new chapter.
12/3/2015 c4 Lcky
That last line was amazing lol! I'll just be sitting here waiting for more:) Cheers and may your muse go on many adventures with you.:)
12/1/2015 c4 186merdarkandtwisty
great story so far.
11/30/2015 c4 RhizOneill
Awesome chapter again. Loving this/ I can't wait to read more.
11/30/2015 c4 11siss7
These two need to kiss...seriously HE WROTE A BOOK! Kiss him Rory!
11/23/2015 c3 RhizOneill
Awww great chapter. Looking forward to read the next chapter soon.
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