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5/26/2016 c31 eness
So much better than strippers.
5/24/2016 c30 Droolia
That's so sweet of them to watch her little brother like that.
5/12/2016 c30 3jessec12
Aw, they did a great job with Hunter. :)
5/11/2016 c30 jordana60
That was some good Lit babysitting right there! They handled things perfectly. I love to see them with a baby..they're naturals! Rory and Jess make a great team in everything they do, and I'm excited the weddings coming soon!
5/11/2016 c30 RhizOneill
Awww love this so much. So cute. More please soon.
5/10/2016 c30 3RHatch89
Awesome :)
4/29/2016 c29 3jessec12
Nice addition of Madeline and Louise, and aw Jess is so good with Hunter. :) The children's book is a great idea.
4/28/2016 c29 RhizOneill
Awww love this so much. Jess is so cute with Hunter. I can't wait to read the next chapter soon.
4/28/2016 c29 jordana60
I love the way you skip time and don't go through a play by play on every minute. It keeps the story fresh and flowing. Wonderful idea of bringing Louise and Madeline into the mix. You did a great job with the. I am so excited for the wedding!
4/28/2016 c29 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
4/25/2016 c28 3jessec12
Great chapter! Love seeing Rory and Jess working through things and talking wedding plans.
4/23/2016 c28 3RHatch89
Super awesome update :)
4/23/2016 c28 jordana60
Love the quote,love the dress,love the Philly couples and their friendships and love you "m" version chapters!
4/23/2016 c28 RhizOneill
Love this so much. SO perfect. Looking forward to read the next chapter soon.
4/20/2016 c27 Droolia
I always love spotting the title in the story. Was this what you were gearing up towards since you first started writing this story?
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