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4/4/2016 c24 3jessec12
Great last few chapters. Good to see the birth of Luke/Lorelai's baby and Jess' book tour. That would be cool if April ended up going to Yale. I looked up Rory's wedding dress and I think it's a good one for her. :)
4/3/2016 c24 RhizOneill
Love this chapter so much. It is so great. I can't wait to read the next chapter soon.
3/29/2016 c23 jordana60
Hunter William was a good choice. The fact that you mentioned saving Richard for Jess and Rory makes me so happy to know that we're gonna get to see that happen! Including April added some depth to the chapter. I am really excited to see what's next!
3/29/2016 c23 RhizOneill
Awww what a wonderful chapter. I love the name you pick for Luke and Lorelai's son. So perfect. I like that Jess and Rory are talking about their future together. More please soon :)
3/22/2016 c22 Nancy
Again, a great and rounded chapter. So many happy and wonderful things happening: all is so good after the announced engagement, Rory gets to accompany Jess on his upcoming book tour, everybody is reading Rory's work and apparently leaving raving reviews, Jess has a wonderful writing reputation, Jess and Rory celebrate his birthday, Rory and Jess get to the Hollow, they help set up the wonderful baby shower, Lorelai receives fabulous gifts for the Baby Boy Danes, and so lovingly, Luke has made a crib and matching rocking chair for his soon to be born baby boy. All kinds of goodness! On with the birth and the tour. Thanks so much for writing and sharing. Looking forward to more soon.
3/22/2016 c22 RhizOneill
I can't wait to meet Baby Boy Danes and Jess's book tour. Love this so much.
3/22/2016 c22 jessec12
Great story, I love it! Can't wait to see the wedding and events leading up to it, and the birth of Lorelai and Luke's baby. :)
3/15/2016 c21 Guest
I like your story very much. It is easy flow with no drama.
Keep writing .
3/15/2016 c21 Nancy
Thanks for a lovely chapter. Jess was better than perfect here: the trip to the Hollow, the hot dog stand, reading to Rory from his new book, staying at the Inn, proposing in the perfect place and WOW with the perfect ring, a picnic lunch provided by Sookie (so it is wonderful too!), dinner with the elder Gilmores (don't let Emily get too pushy). But the wedding at the bridge will be beautiful too. Sharing the good news with everyone at the town meeting is so much fun. Sorry, I don't have any real inspiration for the baby's first name. Thanks for this and more soon please.
3/16/2016 c21 jordana60
That was so romantic!. It was magical proposal and so Rory and Jess. I can't wait to see what kind of wedding you give them!. I do like William for a middle name. Maybe they could honor Richard and nickname him Ricky or Richie, both of them going well with William.
3/16/2016 c21 7cb150681
Robert William ;)
3/15/2016 c21 ekwibbels
So perfect! So sweet.
3/15/2016 c21 RhizOneill
Awww so perfect. I love this so much. I am so happy for Jess and Rory. I can't think a name to gowith William but what ever you pick, it would be great. More please soon.
3/7/2016 c20 11siss7
Awww the lovebirds are so cute!
3/7/2016 c20 RhizOneill
Yay! I love this so much. I am so happy for Luke and Lorelai that they having a baby boy! I can't wait to read the next chapter soon.
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