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for Dragon Chronicles 1: Muggle-Raised Champion

9/29 c12 WeisseHex
The Omake was hilarious. Awesomeness!
9/10 c32 Guest
good story
9/1 c1 sol.leksthewolf2021
This is one of those fics where the Dursleys deserve to fucking die.
8/22 c12 1zombieshane05
oh god, is harry getting set up with a dragon?!
8/8 c32 2Specky Clarke
Good story, very enjoyable read.
7/27 c23 kingpj999
This fic is awesome, it shows the rotten side of the wizard comunnity as its finest. Racism, corruption, defamation and the most hypocrite part is that Dumbledore wants Harry to be their hero in sacrificing against Voldemort.
I really love this Harry, he probably is the most weak wizard in the entire school right now but he surely has a backbone.
7/16 c4 1Norseman4
OK, yeah, Heroes Assemble! drew my attention. Now I'm here, and I can say that I'm hooked again
7/11 c7 kingpj999
I am sure it was Dumbledore who put his name into the goblet this time. Voldemort has no reason to do so since he is not aware of the blood magic.
7/10 c4 kingpj999
Love the story so far and the fact that you are making mob characters like Crouch or Bagman shine makes it better.
6/30 c19 Efail
In a few of your stories Harry seems to act a bit childish or perhaps emotionally stunted? I'm not sure if that's quite the right term for it but it's the closest. I understand his upbringing leads to certain problems but the first sign of any trouble and he shoves his head in the sand and tries to hide. Just the level of emotional damage he depicts and lack of ability to either communicate or seek out a need to understand things and instead hide and panic is somewhat disappointing. Even in this story it's a bit contradictory since he both made a connection with his coworkers and had the ability to chat with a dragon and yet the first sign of something outside his comfort zone and he immediately locks himself up and stops doing anything. He put up with other peoples garbage for YEARS and could still go out and deal with it and yet here he can't even seem to get through a single meal without chickening out?
6/18 c32 8leahk80
Nicely done!
6/12 c32 Wolvie26
Love it!
5/7 c2 Difdi
Harry’s unlikely to lose his magic, otherwise the Ministey could have gotten rid of Voldemort by creating a contract on his behalf using the Goblet, to make him unable to use the Unforgivables. Whoever entered Harry, on the other hand, would be in serious trouble.
4/23 c11 Bee2595
This is a glorious chapter! I love Ramaranth's and Harry's exchange! Looking forward to the rest of the story. thanks for sharing your truly wonderful ideas!
4/16 c32 SunPho3n1x
Such an amazing story! I love it every time I read it!
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