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for Ahsoka's Knighthood V2

11/12/2015 c1 871-1 Marines
Nice update; as always, few to no grammar/spelling errors.
It's reasonable for Anakin to lie because he cares about Ahsoka and is willing to move mountains for his loved ones.
Considering how an entire precinct went traitor, it's reasonable that, while not disbanded, the CSF was publicly discredited. I was actually worrying about Captain Obrim (who was a badass in True Colors)-I trust Divo was transferred to administration (considering how he isn't corrupt but isn't creative enough to be a detective, that'd be a reasonable post even if he hates paperwork)?
Very good meeting with the Council; just as reasonable that Ahsoka isn't ready to forgive and forget.
Narrisa' me of the episode where Savage was killed (which I watched recently).
Random note: You ever notice how the Underworld Cops are the Elite Mooks of civilian law enforcement? The Senate Commandos, like the random clones (I.e. Those idiots who charged the droids on Christophsis in the Clone Wars movie and predictably got slaughtered for it), are hapless Red Shirts. I seem to recall a guard of Padmé's getting distracted on the job, allowing bounty hunters to ambush him. Plus the Mandalorian cops, whenever they aren't corrupt, tend to have even worse luck than the Senate Commandos. In contrast, the Underworld Police seem a bit more competent and intimidating (granted, Ahsoka wasn't trying to kill them).
Hope ya liked my TECD updates.

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