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for Demonic Possession

6/27/2018 c1 7devilsama666
That was very nice, you write Maou very well. Good job, keep it up!
lazyass out !
11/14/2015 c1 43xxxDreamingflowerxxx
I love this little piece! Maou sure is over protective, especially when it comes to AlasRamus and lately also Emi! It's soooo adorable! Being the idiotic parent that he is, he sometimes even worries unnecessarily.

Despite the things he has learnt and how quickly he grasps things, Maou has sooo much that he still has to learn about Earth and especially Japan. It's a good thing he hardly steps into the world of the Internet. I bet Lucifer is already screwed and has seen some weird thing already. XD
11/13/2015 c1 52pika318
*claps* yay, you wrote something. As usual, your language is wonderful.

"...when he sees people eyeing up Suzuno and Lucifer the few times...urge to rip them from their skulls..." -This. This pair are the most adorable and vulnerable looking of the group (with exception of AlasRamus)

You are absolutely right, Maou and Emi, even Chiho are "possessive" in their own way. :)

I enjoy reading your short drabbles.

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