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1/27 c1 10Darksabre35

And once again, I return, ready to bask in the glory of one of your stories. I really liked the opening quote, BTW.


Ben Skywalker…it's going to be really fun to see how you write him. As someone who read aDA, I COULD tell Ben that it's probably NOT the best idea for him to try to emulate his older cousins' lives. Multiple kidnapping attempts, near-death experiences, fighting on the frontlines in their teens (the Solo twins were 16 when the YV War started…)…is not necessarily healthy. But then, Ben's going to come of age in the middle of a Sith War, so no luck!

Also, the Jedi Code sounds…stupid. 'No emotion…' yeah, I don't buy that,, unless you're a droid. And chaos is a natural part of life…entropy is a thing. Kani and Ben are fun to read about…**steels self**…must not become attached, must not become attached…

The part about the new fad of tattoos made me chuckle…
Something about Kenth Hamner always makes me want to grind my teeth…at least Ben REALIZES that this 'mission' is clearly a political maneuver.


**dances gleefully** Now this is what I came here for! I've read about the Lost Tribe and Vestara on Wookiepedia, and I thought both sounded really cool, but I am also unwilling to slog through all nine of the FOTJ series to see what they are like, so I'm having a blast reading about your version of them!

The Sith Code…much cooler, and much more true to life, IMO. Also, I like Vestara's philosophy that fear, hatred, and anger don’t necessarily make one strong, but that focused passion on a goal DOES. I think the Sith are often rather caricaturized…you can't just want to go around killing everyone and making people suffer for no reason, so I'm REALLY enjoying your more nuanced, interesting portrayal of the Sith. I see the Lost Tribe doesn't practice sacrifice…good idea. After all, if EVERYONE had to pick a sacrifice, there might not be a Tribe left after all the bloodshed!


'Youre Eminence?' ***snickers*** I have to say, when is this reverence thing for the Jedi some of the Yuuzhan Vong have going to wear off? They really can't worship the glowy-sword warriors FOREVER, can they? Maybe give it a century or two…

And it was fun to 'meet' Ben's 'Jedi gang'. Kinda almost makes me wish that everyone would just stay happy, have **relatively** non life-threatening adventures, and beat all the bad guys in time for dinner.


Ship is an interesting 'character'…I'm looking forward to more of it, and 'its/his' mentoring relationship with Vestara is cool to see.

Well, it's easy to see that Vran is the 'mad dog' of this group. Ugh. Hopefully Ahri will keep watching Vestara's back. What are the odds that Ves is going to lop off Vran's head sometime? Very high, I'd say. Very high.


I'm reminded of a discussion I had back during high school English class when someone mentioned that no one writes about what happens AFTER the war and the flashy battles are done…well, here you have it. The Swarm War kind of overshadowed it all, but it's kind of staggering to think about how MANY refugees there are still scattered all over the galaxy, ruined infrastructure, wrecked economies. It's even more discomfiting to think that it parallels the refugee crisis in RL…

Nugget's an interesting character…maybe not the sort of leader that the Jedi would approve of, but pragmatic in a way Aduba Three needs. Interestingly enough, the situation with the space stations/ships breaking down reminds me of the TV show 'the 100'…very good, BTW, highly recommend.


Interesting move that Vestara's lightsaber is purple instead of red…any reason for that choice? Also, I was pretty surprised that Ves hadn't ever offed anyone at this point, but then she IS only 15…

Certainly an interesting 'kill scene' you wrote here…brutal, certainly, but strangely enough makes Vestara more…'human'. It's kind of strange how hearing about many deaths at once (like the time Jacen essentially played a role in killing thousands of Hapans during the Swarm War) tends to somehow be less impactful than one very one-on-one kill. I actually thought a bit about what exactly Vestara was planning to achieve by killing the girl…'proving' to herself she could do it? Seeing it as the 'will of the Force'? Or just going with the idea that 'dead men tell no tales' and the Tribe is not ready to reveal its existence yet? Certainly an interesting plot point!


Considering all the potential that the Yuuzhan Vong tech has to do good, it's kind of especially sad to think about how they tried to destroy the galaxy…at first.

Good job, Ben, in keeping the true spirit of the Jedi and talking down the mob ready to lynch the Yuuzhan Vong who have come to help them. The Yuuzhan Vong War may have ended over 12 years ago in-universe, but the scars from that war still run deep.

Until later,
1/14/2016 c5 Guest
Can you do a 'story' where instead of stories you just answer questions and update it like every week or so? If you do I want to know if you think it would be possible for the Yuuzhan Vong to feel the force again like Zonama gives it back to them since Yuuzhan'tar took it?
12/23/2015 c5 Guest
Whoa...that was pretty intense. You write battle scenes really well, so give yourself a pat on the back from me for Christmas!

Why do I get the feeling someone put the 'recipe' for Omega Blue on the 'net for the purpose of creating havoc? But, then again, all of this story was creating havoc for later. And does Omas have a brain, or is he ignoring evidence on purpose...not that has ever happened before.

Yay! To the Alema sighting...I was wondering when she was going to turn up again...still trying to figure out how the 'battle of the Sith' between the One Sith and Kesh is going to go down. Can't we just all get along?

Ha! Don't look at me, I didn't encourage this foray into the abyss...I'm just along for the ride! Good stuff. Thanks for writing and have a Merry Christmas!
12/22/2015 c5 20Draconic
Well, that's it, Ben and Vestara have corrupted each other. I see many ways in which this could get hilarious.

As for the One Sith, I can no longer understand why you're not doing a story about Alema's Sithscapades. Zevia and Valin both need development. While I understand that their relationship was likely to happen, I was interested in seeing them get to know each other, as well as watching Zevia break out of that shell of rage and frustration. From the little we see of her in this last scene, she seems to have changed a lot since we last saw her.

You should put out a fanfiction contest for your readers. If any of them want to add to this alternate timeline, you should make a few guidelines. That way, you don't have to be the only person building this whole galaxy. I'm still trying (and failing) to write a Doran & Sannah story taking place after she becomes a fish. It's really hard... *cries in a corner like a sad clodhopper*

Just so you know, I was totally expecting Governor Nugget to say "what's up Doc," after Josat got the nickname. I'm surprised it didn't happen. Also, chak-root looks a tiny bit carrot-like. If you ever get the urge to edit the parts where he's seen eating, that's a viable option. We don't actually know what the bottom to the root looks like, but from the top, it looks a fair bit like a triple-rooted carrot. And according to The Gungan Frontier, it's got a reputation sort of like broccoli. It seems like a good fit for him.

...Stop glaring at me... Please? I have nothing but admiration for you, and consider you to be a wonderful person?
12/22/2015 c4 Colo Kid
I was hoping for, 'I don't know...fly casual.'!

Just how long is a shoto? And what qualifies as 'military grade' if a four-plus foot thick door isn't? ;-)

'Mandos five, dark Jedi zero...' Hahaha! Of course, now I've got to dig back and find out Etain's background...she was in 'Episode II', right?

Man, I should have been a Jedi...being able to 'sleep' with your best friend? At 16? With hardly any clothes? Yes please! 'Mom, nothing happened...'

Oof, feeling sorry for Ben. Sixteen is a bit young to be thinking that killing someone is better in the long run. I think he's in a little over his head. Still trying to figure out what Omas was trying to accomplish sending a bunch of teens; it's almost a political version of Myrkr. Set up to fail, says I. And they succeed anyway...gonna hack off the CoS. An aside, perhaps Ben should talk to Anakin about trying to do to much.

'...Mission accomp...' Hahaha!

Thanks for writing!
12/22/2015 c5 29CC-645
Hey Fish,
Not sure if you remember me, but I've followed your AU since the later days of aDA and read all the stuff you put out, even if I did not get a chance to review.

I was forced to take an unscheduled break from the site more then half a year ago, but I'm back and catching up on all the things I've missed. Finished reading aFU:SW on the 19th; been reading Fate's Betrayal (which I'll review separately) and this in the mean time.

To my eye (ear?) your style's remained in tact for the past years, and with the influx of poor quality content being churned out for the TFA marketting campaign, the mix of developed plot, expansive settings and trademark Star Wars action was a breath of fresh air.

I do have a few gripes with this story though:

Firstly, Ben meeting Vestara. This may be a side-effect of me spending the past few months analysing texts for the slightest nuance that might hint at the author's intention, but it seems to me that you are angling for a rather prominent Ben-Vestara dynamic in the next installment of the trilogy. You are a skilled author, and I've seen you handle complex plots quite aptly, but this foreshadowing - if such it was - I can best describe as "clumsy". Ben gawking at Vestara seems out-of-character for someone who (a) does not have the emotional baggage of LOTF, (b) has had a decent upbringing, (c) is aware that "pretty people" exist - the HoloNet's a thing - and (d) has not shown a tendency to focus on this in the past.

Both Vestara's attempts at provoking Kani, and Kani's own reactions, seem rather cliché and unsubtle, and I am actually wracking by brain trying to figure out what you're trying to say with that, because that's out of /your/ character as an author.

Why does Vestara suddenly have a "Mary Sue" effect on Ben? And why does Kani not exercise some Jedi diplomatic skills to hide her dissapproval of the situation?

(...I would really hope aFU:LOTJ will not focus on an emotional tug-a-war between Vestara and Kani.)

My second gripe is one that I've been having with many stories lately: why are Jedi so "Underpowered" (to use a crude term)?

Yes, Kesh Sith spend their days learning how to kill each other if need arises, but why would Jedi suddenly devolve into blithering idiots? I can see how a socialist-democratic "hero" in the Senate, coupled with dosile, spineless and visionless Jedi Councillors could have led to the Ruusan Reformations, but the stagnation of the Republic happened over several millennia, not out of the blue. In cosmic and historic terms, the odd 40 years from the time of Luke's training to the time of this story are less then an eyeblink, and the Order's philosophy could not have changed drastically. (Jedi Philosophy is something I'd like to address sopecifically in connection to aFU:SW.)

The New Jedi Order would have had Luke's fun times with Byss, Kyp Duron, Shadow Academy, the odd handful of random Dark Jedi through the decades, and of course the Yuuzhan Vong and Killik wars.

I can fully see how the Jedi might want to advocate peace and cooperation, but the official line right now sounds a lot like the Australian Greens party, for crying out loud!

Jedi should, by all rights, still have adequate combat training, especially after the lessons learned from the CLone Wars, where a few deliberately trained adepts could cut swathes out of the Order.

Additionally, Ben is a scion of a very powerful line of Force-users, as you in fact showed with the energy absorption trick very nice, by the way!), so why can he not muster a Force whirlwind or two to isolate the Sith combatants, or project some sort ofshield to defend against the lightning and such?

Even more then the Mary Sue effect of the Kesh Sith in this story, I dislike the sloppiness, and "Forced Helplessness" of the Jedi, and the Mary Sue-dom of Sith.

I like your Mandalorians more then Karen Traviss' Mandalorians, but I'm seeing a very Revelation-esque vibe where a group of Mandos can take out a bunch of Sith, but purpose-trained Jedi cannot (and yes, you did say they weren't purpose-trained, which I don't understand).

Speaking of Mandalorions. In her musings, Vestara thinks that the "Unaided capute of a jedi Knight" would give her great prestige. So she tries to talk Ben down. But what about Doran Sarkin-Tainer? He's a Jedi Master which, kind-of by the same logic, she captured "unaided". Yes, he killed a bunch of her party, and then stayed deliberately behind. So, capture? Technically?

I am not a mind-reader, but my analysis of your writing habits, style, and the peculiar occurances I outlined above lead me to believe that you are trying to set something up surrounding Ben in aFU:LOTJ but it looks to me as though you are focusing too heavily on the end result without devoting due attention to the process of getting there.

In other respects, the story was enjoyable and as I said earlier, a breath of fresh air.

Expect follow-up reviews to aFU:SW and Fate's Betrayal in the next week.

As always, good luck and good writing,
12/21/2015 c5 8Transformers g1's-Prime
Great chapter!

Sorry for taking so long to review, I've been going through some hectic stuff over these past few days, but I'm here at last.

So the One Sith have a mole placed in the higher-ups of the Galactic Alliance, huh? I have a feeling that she may come into contact with Vader Jr. and may be the one who introduces him to the Dread Lord who I personally can't wait to see kick some Jedi ass, specifically Luke's.

Aww, another cute Ben and Kani moment that warms my heart. And I can only picture Mara's reaction to discovering the pair the next morning.

So we're getting two more interlude arcs before heading into Legacy. I have a feeling that the two stories we'll be getting will be Jaina trying to cope with her duties in the Third Imperium and Jagged becoming a Grand Moff, while the other one will about Valin and how he and the One Sith slowly gaining power through many methods of deception and alliances. But that's just my theory.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

Keep up the good work!
12/20/2015 c5 13ShortySC22
Loved this story as a transition and can't wait to see what will happen when Valin and Alema get back to the rest of the Jedi. Loved Ben and Kani and Cassa, of course. Can't wait for more!
12/19/2015 c5 Force Smuggler
First great encounter between Ben and Vestara. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Wonder if Vestara will get attacked by other Sith in the meantime?
Will Ahri attack Ben?
Ben and company are going to be causing trouble with this Vong plot.
Hope the Sith don't find out.
Wish we could have seen Anakin, Jacen and Tahiri.
The Anakin Skywalker? Much better than the Anakin Solo in the EU.
The Jedi Order is going to change a lot. Hope the Sith are ready.
Alema and her faction is going to be great to follow!
Can't wait until March/April.
Yay! Long story!
Of course, talking about me as one of the readers who want you to go off the deep end and tackle the entire era!
Can't wait to reread this in the future.
12/19/2015 c5 1Lord-Sylph
Damn...what an whipping our team of Jedi got...oh well, we still love them, even if they got the crap kicked outta them. Not to mention that Ben X Kani bonding time in the medbay was cute! I do have a question, how long was Ben out? He went from lying on the ground of Formos, to waking up in a bed on Ossus, now, I know Hyperspace Drives are faster than Warp Drive (crossing a Galaxy in a matter of months instead of centuries) but they aren't THAT fast, are they? Anywho, great job on the interlude, I don't know how I'm gonna survive till next Nov...
12/18/2015 c4 13ShortySC22
Definitely enjoying this interlude and looking forward to reading the conclusion.
12/17/2015 c3 Colo Kid
Oy. Of COURSE there's a 'Doc' in this story. And I almost spit out my pop at the Echelons joke. And at the arboreal tune. Remind me to not drink and read, next time.

Ship is powerful, but I'm not sure she'd (he'd?) be able to pull off attacking in a sandstorm...not one strong enough to blow people off of speeders...wind speed has to be something over 120 mph to do that, more to throw them as violently as shown.

Cool to see Doran come to the rescue! Hanging up on the CoS...gutsy move.

Nice cameo by the militia captain talking politics...it's like a Billy Joel song! ;-)

Thanks for writing!
12/12/2015 c4 1Lord-Sylph
And that, my Sith friends, is why you don't screw with Mando's especially not Mando's with Yuuzhan Vong biots, and plenty of time to plan.

Oh Doran, still as reckless as ever I see...

Kani...why did you feel the need to cover yourself with the sheets...were you two being naughty... ;-3 those two' with gotta be the closest 'non-couple' ever...

now, what I'm wondering, is why does Doran seem so...calm about the Tribe Sith murdering the entire crew of a VicStar, those things, while only 900m in length (which is pretty damn big) still had an impressive crew compliment,
12/12/2015 c4 Force Smuggler
Yes! Final chapter coming early!
This story is amazing.
Was wondering where Doran was before he appeared.
The Doran/Vestara scenes were hilarious. The Mando's. Doran is still Doran, I see. And Dinua is still Dinua. Etain. Ha ha lol. Can't wait to see where the interactions go from here.
The Vong are being hailed as heroes. Things are looking up for them.
The final battle is about to begin. Let's get it on.
12/12/2015 c4 8Transformers g1's-Prime
Great chapter!

I can't wait to see the ending to this story and I hope Doran make it out okay.

Keep up the good work!
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