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for Frozen Fire

3/19 c42 ninny 1
Thank you I’ve enjoyed every word
12/28/2021 c14 SleepyDee
loving the teasing and spice
10/7/2021 c42 New2Twilight2021
Yey! Time to tell Charlie! I love your Edward even more if possible. Thank you so much for sharing his (angsty) thoughts behind his actions! He is just such a sweetie pie. So much good is happening to him yet he is so stuck in his dark past that he can't even see it's long over. Is there such a thing as trying too hard to be good... And thank you for all the conversations with Carlisle! This was really good.
10/6/2021 c20 New2Twilight2021
Omg! This chapter is the best in history of fiction! This conversation with Carlisle is so long overdue. I've read so many Twilight fics versions, and with this conversation i realized that i was looking for exactly this kind of conversation. Thank you so much! Love so much that your story follows Jessica314 prequels! You guys rock!
5/1/2021 c1 15AnnaMariaNordlade
That was a good prologue. I can imagine that Victoria's picture of Edward's death is so vivid, because she is using her memory of Diego's death.
10/29/2020 c1 Guest
I just want to say that Eclipse is my favorite book of the series and I think you just made it even better.
8/23/2020 c43 13fernyyuki
No encuentro la parte de amanecer espero que la tengas por ahí y me la puedas enviar... saludos.
11/13/2019 c42 50.Elizabeth Dawn.0
Let me just start off with saying how enormously impressed I am with your writing. Every time I think “this one’s it. This is one of the best fanfiction I’ve read”, someone always has to come and prove me wrong. This time, that’s you. After reading Jessica314’s Tale of Years, she suggested reading your stories, and wow wow wow! Edward’s voice was captured perfectly, your writing skills put so many published authors to shame, and it felt like it’s own story. I loved seeing what Edward was up go away from bella in this one.
You have a new dedicated fan!
8/16/2019 c42 mrsvixter
Love your story's
Onwards to the next
Well done
6/7/2019 c1 1MyladyNancy
I for got to make note on new moon. It was fantastic. between you, Jessica 134, and My odd family, my twilight needs are met thank you.
12/6/2017 c42 4Ticcing Bat
loved it all !
12/6/2017 c43 lol
I was so flashed by this story that I forgot to review. :D
Again, amazing story, all in character and well written! Thanks again!
9/2/2017 c21 yigo99od
The only little problem with all of this, is that in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Universe, Maria lived on after Breaking Dawn, no one killed her, let alone Edward, albeit as you say, aided by a half-coven of ignorant neophytes.

I say "half-coven," because even after Jasper left her, SM writes in the Guide to the Twilight Universe that Maria keeps at all times (note she said "keeps" in present continuous tense, and "kept" in past tense) a coven of at least a dozen newborns or more to serve her and protect her jealously guarded territories. So the coven you described, is way too small for Maria's standards (...She's never ruled a coven that small, since after the early times with Lucy and Nettie, when she first changed Jaspar, and then the coven grew to the size of 23 highly trained and organized newborns at one point!...), and in SM's view Maria continued to live beyond the events of BD, jealously guarding her territory, and probably still believing that someday she'd succeed in convincing Jaspar to return to her side as commander of her army.

Oh well, you decided to kill-off this highly interesting (even if admittedly a vicious and obnoxious) character, and so now "the die is cast," and you must continue along this path of a dead Maria, who wouldn't have left herself so wide open to attack. Hello! Even Victoria who didn't know what she was doing, and who clearly was "in over her head" with the entire newborn army run amok business in Eclipse, knew better than to expose herself to the vagaries of newborns, but here we are in your version, with a seasoned veteran of the southern wars like the battle-tested Maria of Monterrey, leaving herself wide open to a totally amateurish attack from a less than a century old vampire like Edward (who never actually fought in a single real vampire war or battle), and a handful of newborn neophytes, led by an 8-month old newborn with a gift for detecting lies?

My oh my! If only seasoned warrior vamps were so easy to slay, who'd ever need the Volturi?
9/1/2017 c41 kkcf
I love how writing things from Edward's POV meant giving a voice to everyone else in the story. Thank you for your hard work. It's so much better than re reading twilight. I'll be looking forward to other stories from you.
9/1/2017 c20 yigo99od
Well if this is an AU story, then the death of Maria fits. But it doesn't fit with SM's Canon, for Edward never killed Maria, and couldn't have done so for a plethora of reasons. One, Maria was a seasoned veteran of the Southern Wars, and she would never have have gone off to hunt alone without bodyguards, when she knows how many enemies she has just waiting for a chance to kill her. Two, she would never have left her coven in the care of an 8 month old newborn. Three, even though Maria was a liar and lied to Jaspar a lot, Jaspar never gave the impression he lied to her about such obvious facts as what happened to vampires when exposed to sunlight, so I really doubt that Edward would have been able to use the exposure of such a lie to turn Maria's coven slaves against her. Four Jaspar was extremely devoted to Maria, despite all the things she did to him and made him do to others, so I really doubt that Edward would have been able to turn the loyalties of her coven slaves against her that easily. Five and this is the most important. Jaspar still tried to considered contacting Maria in Breaking Dawn after Alice received her vision of the impending Volturi visit and attack. If Edward had already confessed to killing Maria, why would Jaspar have considered enlisting her support? Dead vampires cannot stand with former allies! I know we all have quite a few reasons to hate Maria (and I'm certainly no fan of hers), but any vampire (without a supernatural ability), who could survive the Southern Wars for centuries, and at one point in time almost ruled all of Northern Mexico and many of the adjoining US States, is simply just way, way, way too skilled in warfare, strategy, and tactics, to leave herself vulnerable to such an attack as you describe Edward visiting upon her. In such a scenario, it is Edward who would have been turned to ash, not Maria. Even Jaspar who knew her secrets, feared her for Heaven's sake. How in heck would Edward have been able to kill her so easily? No, no, no. It would take a coven as skilled and powerful as the Volturi perhaps, to successful do her in. That's what I believe. ...But I give you kudos for bold thinking!... Even if I really don't buy it! :-)
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