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8/29/2007 c1 40Warrior from beyond
That was cool.
3/13/2001 c1 67Chaotic Serenity
Now that is a real fanfic! A fantastic opening, in a way I would never have thought to format a fanfiction! Simply amazing, you're talent is incredible; you're stories, poignant and unforgettable. Please do continue writing.
3/5/2001 c1 30Eirian
I loved it! I really like Bardock, but in all the stories where he's the protagonist, they change his character so much... but this was VERY well written! Those late night inspirations are a mixed blessing! Very good!
1/24/2001 c1 36Zeech
I thought I had reviewed this one. Guess I didnt. But this really intrigued me - the way Bardock kept making the same mistake, and at the end you're not really sure what happened. That was so awesome. It had an eerie feeling, ya know? Me love. Keep writing Bardock fics!
12/31/2000 c1 49Dragoness Eclectic
Good story, but the last line depressed me and made me cry. I like Bardock too much to see him suffer like this! Sequel?
12/30/2000 c1 1Tachi
It's me again... I found some time to read one of your fics... I found this one to be VERY original and well written. I liked your version of Bardock's Hell, it s very fitting. And also I liked it being Gohan as the one that was trying to steer him away from repeating this Hell over and over. Very good fic.
12/29/2000 c1 1Yatsura
awesome! that's really cool! awesome awesome awesome! I love the viewpoint, and how the voice in his head is Gohan trying to warn him, and how he's in a AU (he is presumably, isn't he?) Really cool!
11/22/2000 c1 Sheyla
Cool, I liked that one.
11/19/2000 c1 2Anja
Hmmm, interesting. Poor Bardock. I does fit him, basically. Very in-character.

I had to read it a second time once I learnt it was Gohan, though. It made a lot

more sense then.
11/19/2000 c1 Roadkill T. Raven
Grate story good pont. I woued like to see a segale to thise story thow.
11/19/2000 c1 8Miyuki Usuki
Wooo! I like this! This was really, really good! I was wondering who the voice was in the beginning, but I shall not say who it was 'cuz I'll spoil the story. ^_^

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