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1/2/2022 c1 lexia the beautiful wolf
ooh this has soo much potential keep updating please
5/24/2019 c3 AstroLibra
Slightly hoping you come back to this story! So much potential here!
1/28/2019 c3 1Foxie3366
*gives you a look like a puppy has just been kicked*
11/24/2018 c3 shaylalyons
please was really interesting start
10/4/2018 c3 36wolfYLady-sama
This has really grabbed my attention! Its different and I like it! Hope you will be updating this!
6/9/2018 c3 YukinaBlueRose
I SOOO LOVE THIS STORY! ! ! ! XD ... I am a patient person, but it's been 3 YEARS, so ... ... PLEASE UPDATE! ! ! ! Please, PLEASE, PLEEEASE! ! ! ! I'm BEGGING you! ! ! !
4/11/2018 c3 16Coolfire30
Kyaaaaaaa oh no... Please continue...
10/5/2017 c3 1inuyasha16451
Omg. Please come back and update this awesome story
1/12/2017 c3 23HalfBlackWolfDemon
Aw, Kagome-chan! Stuck in Fiore for the foreseeable future *paps* At least you have Laxus!

8/19/2016 c3 Tommygirl0113
what happens next?
6/21/2016 c1 jobremind
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Thanks for this well written post, i’ll follow up for more updates if you keep posting them.

2/17/2016 c3 44SilverontheRose
You've gotten a good start here, so don't give up! If you don't have one, write out what you want to happen in the story and use that to make an outline... it really helps if you've got writer's block. Good luck, and I look forward to reading more of your story!
1/22/2016 c3 rspringb
aww poor kagome, i like this so far
1/3/2016 c1 3120xion
Do more
12/31/2015 c3 Black Fox Kenzie
Love this story.!
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