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6/24 c40 Kenziefire
I just finished reading this and I loved every second of it you are an amazing writer and I loved what you did to the story I like how you kept the major plot points while making it fit your story line this was absolutely amazing to read this made me incredibly happy while reading and I hope you continue writing stories
4/28 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
11/1/2020 c40 Elizarika Allen
This. Is. AWESOME! The best ending ever. This is exactly the sort of ending that I wanted. Noone dies except for evil people and everyone is happy. This is great. I really really love this story.
8/29/2020 c40 Guest
I too came here looking for an alternate end to Allegiant, and I have found many stories that have helped fill the hole in my heart that the end of Allegiant left, and we can be mended helped make a little deeper, and I have to say, this did not disappoint. It was so wonderful and gave me hope for what could have been. I loved what you did with the characters, and the changes you made to the original story, although you had name terrified there for a few chapters. Thank you, Kylie, for encouraging this wonderful author to put themselves out there. Now if you don't mind, I have to give myself a reality check and go read chapter 50 of Allegiant, or else I will become too wrapped up in HEAs and what should have been. Thank you again.
Stay safe 4
8/29/2020 c31 Guest
You forgot to mention Uriah.
8/29/2020 c28 Guest
Aaawww. What happened with their first kiss happening at the chasm? I liked that. It was also the time he showed her his tattoo.
8/29/2020 c24 Guest
Good thing Tris won. Last time Peter knocked her out with one punch.
8/29/2020 c23 Guest
I love how you use phrases from the Divergent series.
8/29/2020 c21 Guest
She does know the answer.
It's Dauntless.
8/28/2020 c13 Guest
It's because of Marcus.
8/28/2020 c12 Guest
Tris was never pregnant!
8/28/2020 c8 Guest
Yes because Davis is going to kill Tris.
8/28/2020 c7 Guest
Just one more. :)
8/28/2020 c6 Guest
Hi, Tris.
8/28/2020 c4 Guest
Okay where is this heading?
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