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5/24/2017 c7 5Jojoboo90
Appetence :)
5/24/2017 c5 Jojoboo90
I can't wait to see where this gooooooooes :) Im left wishing I had loaded more chapters lol
5/24/2017 c4 Jojoboo90
Does Natalie have an explanation for this? Omgeeee O.O
5/24/2017 c2 Jojoboo90
So twighlight zoney lol I like it :D
5/18/2017 c19 sineoneontnee
Love how Zeke likes to torment Uriah: fork over the cake for a week or I will tell Mom.
5/12/2017 c40 TheLamb1991
thanks to you! great story.
12/24/2016 c40 walking on fire
loved this story
10/2/2016 c40 Guest
Is a sequel still on your mind.
Love your writing and think a sequel would be amazing !
8/19/2016 c40 Mtgora
Huge thank you to Kylie. Your story was amazing. I'm so glad I found it. I also found fan fiction after hating the end of Allegiant. I am so thankful that there are talented people like you out there who 'fix' the story for the rest of us. On to your next story!
7/24/2016 c40 kitkatstar1
awesome story! I loved it.
7/13/2016 c40 3Gummienummie
Write a sequel plllllleeeaaassseeee!?
7/1/2016 c40 velosews
Thanks for writing this story!
6/23/2016 c40 User461010
Definitely one of my FAVOURITE stories on fanfiction. Your story linked in PERFECTLY with allegiant which is exactly what I was looking for! You did an amazing job and cant wait for the sequel!
D.D xxx
5/14/2016 c40 Guest
I enjoyed all three of your stories. I hope you continue to write and share your ideas. Keep up the good work
4/10/2016 c22 Bamcn24
She's arrived!
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