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6/21/2018 c37 16Charms22
I hope Uriah is alright
6/21/2018 c36 Charms22
Their plan against Jeanine and her minions is awesome
6/21/2018 c35 Charms22
6/21/2018 c34 Charms22
I'm loving it
6/21/2018 c33 Charms22
I hope that nothing happens to Tris
6/21/2018 c32 Charms22
I have a feeling that they will be able to stop the plan
6/21/2018 c31 Charms22
Eric is so annoying
6/21/2018 c30 Charms22
I hope that everything works out
6/21/2018 c29 Charms22
Sweet one
6/21/2018 c28 Charms22
Aww their lips beushed against eachother
6/21/2018 c27 Charms22
Sadly she didn't hear his confession
6/21/2018 c26 Charms22
6/21/2018 c25 Charms22
Four and Tris are perfect for eachother
6/21/2018 c24 Charms22
Yay Peter got knocked out
6/21/2018 c23 Charms22
Amar's teasing is on point
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