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6/21/2018 c22 16Charms22
Four and Tris reunited
6/21/2018 c21 Charms22
Love it. Tris has to choose Dauntless
6/21/2018 c20 Charms22
He shouldn't forgive his mother
6/21/2018 c19 Charms22
Aww FourTris
6/21/2018 c18 Charms22
Fabulous, I'm loving the story a lot
6/21/2018 c17 Charms22
Jeanine is plain evil, I hope her plan doesn't work out
6/21/2018 c16 Charms22
Eric desserves this
6/21/2018 c15 Charms22
Four should take the the leadership position
6/21/2018 c14 Charms22
I hate Eric, but loved Four's pov
6/21/2018 c13 Charms22
I love the conversation between Natalie and Tris
6/21/2018 c12 Charms22
6/21/2018 c11 Charms22
6/21/2018 c10 Charms22
Omg, he winked at her
6/21/2018 c9 Charms22
Tobias should choose Dauntless, so that he can stop the war this time
6/21/2018 c8 Charms22
Natalie is so kind to Tobias
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