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2/20/2016 c1 Guest
Did you write this story after watching the final episode, the one where Chris reveals Sky's audition tape when she admitted she had a boyfriend that she was supposed to break up with before she fell for Dave?
11/17/2015 c1 Guest
Is this a one time thing or are there going to be more chapters?
11/16/2015 c1 10JojiMC
Okay, I seriously loved this. I love depressing one-shots so much. :') I think you have a knack for them, in fact, because this was so poignant and compelling. The first flashback was adorable and was basically how Skave should've been written in canon. You should really write this ship more often. Dave reminded of Duncan in your Gwuncan one-shot because of his despondency, seemingly from stress over work. His last words to Sky were so cold. D; You wrote Sky so well and sympathetically here, and I cannot stress enough how much I loved her and Dave's portrayals. One of my new favorite one-shots from you for sure, and thank you so much for writing this for me. c: Hopefully, when I write your one-shot, it will be as good as this.

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