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for Harry Potter's most excellent adventure

11/7/2021 c21 wolf-master321
in case this doesn't indicate where it's posted Potter's most excellent adventure suggestion to go back and rewrite for his cash flow problem raid Glastonbury tour and or Merlin's library in both realities if that's not enough unlock the reality mirror rig a road sign like you did when he was searching realities and raid all the other realities locations for their vast wealth of gold
11/3/2021 c1 wolf-master321
I will be honest the summary for the story made me pass it by a couple of times but I got bored really early this morning and binge read probably one of the best stories I've read on here in a long time non-stop laughter I about died more than once I couldn't stop laughing I look forward to reading more of your stories and I thank you for taking the time to share this one
10/25/2021 c21 Cevandri
Awesome story
10/15/2021 c21 2trekkifulron
That was a fun read
10/3/2021 c21 fraewyn
loved it!
9/28/2021 c12 Cynfulme
The last scene is PRICELESS! Made me very smiley!
9/16/2021 c21 Ghosttamer
side note with excellent adventure in the title I expected bill and Ted to have a cameo still surprised me anyway
9/16/2021 c21 Ghosttamer
the amount of laughs this story was able to get out of me has placed it in my favorite story list. getting on my favorite list is not easy
9/15/2021 c20 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re)read.
9/7/2021 c1 14d'elfe
Love it ! Such a funny moment !
7/2/2021 c21 SunPho3n1x
This has been such a great story! I have absolutely loved it. I love all of Harry‘s adventures. Thank you for writing this.
6/30/2021 c21 Astramilitarum
It's a fun story, a bit messy with the plotlines from the middle but funny non the less.
6/18/2021 c21 Citan
Thanks for the hilarious/entertaining story. Glad your fic was the first HPxSG1 i've read. Hope you manage to finish your HPxSW fic.
6/3/2021 c21 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re)read.
5/31/2021 c21 2adafrog
Fun, thanks.
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