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for Harry Potter's most excellent adventure

1/19 c11 2Sgt117
I do love that random Black Lagoon reference there.
12/24/2020 c21 Visionless1
funny as hell! lets see, some star wars, men in black, matrix, atlantis, SG-1, starship yamato, Dragonball Z, and so many others. I like the worm drive idea in the last few chapters. got that from discovery, did ya? :)
11/19/2020 c21 Handers
Very cool story! Nice characterisation and fun dialogues. Though it feels a bit weird that Harry does not leverage the dual universe thing more by helping the Asgard, with a ZPM to power the gate, saving their race would take him under 10 minutes.
10/31/2020 c20 Guest
pfff hayabusa, aint got shit on the zx14r the busa slayer
10/31/2020 c19 Guest
i do not believe Fleur is an ingredient used in the baking of bread "Flour"
10/14/2020 c17 12noddwyd
the thing about phase shifting out of trouble is they can just blow up our sun. Even if we dont get hit while out of phase, we still need the sun. duh.
10/1/2020 c13 LuluViBritania
no Gao'uld old enough to takeover Dobby is even going to fit he is to small
9/16/2020 c13 razor2711
Didn’t he already destroy the Malfoy manor?
9/12/2020 c1 18stargatesg1fan1
I think my reviews stopped counting as I got close because the counter went back to what it was originally. Must have flagged me for posting too many reviews. Darn.
9/12/2020 c6 stargatesg1fan1
And can I have a three
9/12/2020 c7 stargatesg1fan1
This is like new years 4
9/12/2020 c8 stargatesg1fan1
Can you say 5
9/12/2020 c9 stargatesg1fan1
Almost there
9/12/2020 c10 stargatesg1fan1
This is getting exciting!
9/12/2020 c11 stargatesg1fan1
7 more to go
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