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3/4 c21 kg6jay
Great story, but in desperate need of an editing pass. Soo many misspelled words made it hard to enjoy at times.
2/23 c21 CelebTil
Awesome read. I especially liked the wormhole drive testing chapter.
1/18 c21 3Fyr RedNight
This was a very entertaining and amazing story.

I absolutely loved your take on the characters.

Thank you oh so very much for sharing this with us!
12/22/2022 c19 nessiesson
why would he bother with hermione and the weasleys when he's busy ignoring teddy? weird.
12/20/2022 c7 Ariadne Venegas
I think she would have a flower name or James mother name. So Dorea or Euphemia
11/25/2022 c21 Guest
good story
10/6/2022 c4 yesandnocause
this was good until he saved alternate versions of dead friends and expects everyone to accept it as something good.
9/27/2022 c3 wolf550e
Irregardless is not a word.
8/30/2022 c13 Incantations7
So… They quickly rebuilt Malfoy manor? A couple of chapters ago you left it as a crater…
8/17/2022 c9 asd
God, I can't continue this anymore. Why make a spaceship a certain shape just because it's "cool"? It's highly impractical is what it is. A sphere shape would be optimal, and an ellipse next. This is pure wish-fulfilment, with some measure of thought to the plot. Bye bye, I won't bother with your other works.

By the way, as you don't write in POV format, nor do you cursive the sentence to imply it was the character's thought when you wonder in text how to write the plural of sarcophagi you strike me as stupid. You probably aren't, and you could've and probably did google the correct plural form but still, either cursive the text to make it an thought of the character or write in POV.
8/17/2022 c9 asd
I don't like how harry is slowly becoming part of the sg command structure. Granted, he doesn't take orders (yet anyway) but he does whatever they ask from him. Daniel just shows up and tells harry to go somewhere/ do something/ go to a briefing and he does without a question. A regular yesman, and I hate those both in real life and in fictions. yes,yes,yes, whatever you say sg1, would you like to have my wand too?
8/17/2022 c7 tudyk
Every time harry meets his family in a setti g like this, he always acts like a basfull tee age girl with her crush. Annoying
6/7/2022 c2 Guest
I hope you aren't actually about to bring the x-men into this, if you're going to make a multiverse story instead a crossover you need to put that in the description and personally I can't stand HP/mutant crossovers the get needlessly complex and idiotic, never read a good one
5/24/2022 c5 4J flood
oh GOD, you have a plan, everyone RUN!
5/24/2022 c5 J flood
oh GOD, you have a plan, everyone RUN!
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