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6/17 c57 Guest
I thought Severus had to go through a list of spells when running across a Horcrux. The last time (with Jonathan) it took an hour.
6/6 c57 Guest
Is it just me or was Severus supposed to be at Hogwarts on Friday afternoons (after teaching all day Thursday)?
5/27 c57 OvmeOmeUnda
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Your ability to come up with different theories behind different types of magic is astonishing and I always love the AU portions of your story. This is the way that Severus should have been portrayed. Not a person bullied at home and school and then forced into a form of slavery by two mad men before he is killed. Yes, Severus, hold a few conferences about the Lupacem. House Caspian is dirt poor compared to the other houses and it needs the cash. Maybe with his next new potions, he will receive a bigger percent of the profits and/or only allow his apothecary to brew it. And I almost forgot, Severus created that formula to clean hair without having to wash it while with the goblins. It seems a little thing but since all magicals have to wash their hair, his profits from that one potion might make him filthy rich. I remember reading a review where someone suggested that and I think that is a great idea.
5/26 c57 Wondering
If Severus does turn out to be the next Merlin, will magic grant him access of Merlin's papers, etc?
5/25 c57 JustNo
Severus, add a cure for squibs to your to do list, make a ton of money and then grab Petunia for yourself. I could see Petunia and Narcissa working together and teaching the other what they know.
They would make a great medical team.
5/25 c57 Guest
By the end of the story, please deal with the Marauders once and for all. While Severus has no interest in them, they are obsessed with him. They always have been. He had 5 years to learn that ignoring a bully doesn't make the bully stop harassing you. They will keep going until forced to stop. If he doesn't put them in their place magically (and maybe financially) he and his family will have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. Also, stick it to Potter Sr...I believe he played dumb during his meeting with Severus. He had to know some of what his sons did because of the investigation into Dumbledore at the school. And it was his political power behind that search of Severus' home. And are we going to see the centaur (Firenze?) from one of the interludes before the end of the story? I remember him talking about when change and power come together. In other words, Severus. And I didn't miss the fact that Severus' patronus growled. Kea is up there in age. Is it possible that his patronus will actually become a reborn Kea in the flesh? There is magic involved after all.
5/24 c57 DiffTuFfLac
It was such a nice surprise to see a second chapter this month. Thank you! It was good to read that Severus is thinking about what might be when the Horcrux issue is over one way or the other. I liked his interactions with Narcissa. Is it just me or is Lucius going to become aware that something is going on, the Severus is in the middle of it and that he hasn't told his brother but has involved others? I'm sure that Lucius and Narcissa have other issues with what they have not been told (besides not being told the Master's name). Maybe by the end of the story the goblins will give permission for Severus to let Lucius and Narcissa know what his master is and actually met his other family.

I just bet he was exhausted after teaching. It's a whole different skillset and some students you love while others you want to strangle. And teaching the same lessons over and over would have to be as boring as making the same potions over and over. So Severus has found the horcrux...or I should say Hogwarts pointed him to the horcrux through the Bloody Baron. What about the curse on the defense room that Hogwarts can't remove by herself? The comment about the room of requirement and two different planes of magic made me remember something. Don't the Fae exist on two planes? If he does look into this area of study, he may get some ideas for helping the Fae.

And yes, listen to your big brother about more family members. Maybe one of those researchers at Saint Mungos would be a good candidate. Are there some non wizard individuals he's meet who need a home?
5/23 c57 KylieKyotie
I am so enjoying this story! I can't wait to see how the "Protectors" figure out a strategy to help heal Marvolo. Marvolo as a sympathetic character - who would have thought?
5/23 c57 Guest
Sorry, but I'm 100% with Dhaal. Voldermort was a fool to make horcruxes and Dhaal has every right to point it out time and time again. In reality, a lot of people know exactly how wrong something they are doing is but they just don't give a sh**. And I think that is Voldermort and his horcruxes. Severus should not underestimate just how much magical knowledge Voldermort possesses (and Dumbledore). These are people who have been alive much longer then himself and may have been studying different types of magic all of this time.
5/23 c57 LRSev
Two chapters in one month! Thank you! Hearing about Severus' possible future projects and interests was exactly what I was hoping for. I'm not sure why the income stream from the Luprecem is going to dry up in a few years. After all, there will always be more werewolves. I waiting to see what area of Transformation Severus will end up studying with Minerva. And I'm betting he will receive another Masters Grade I in Transformation. Yes, I do want to know Severus' Boltzmann score compared to Merlin, Dumbledore and Voldermort. It's nice to finally read about some of institutions reaching out to Severus after his great potions/runes work. I hope that Severus doesn't go further than being an independent contractor for anyone (Saint Mungo's or any other institution). He has more than enough interesting challenges from his non-wiWjzard allies that he doesn't need to tie himself down to Saint Mungo's. What is the Lupacem if not a health improving treatment? What about all of the health related potions he and his mother sold? Why not just be an independent researcher who will take various contracts if the challenge is of interest to him. He can have an Apothecary...he can have a chain of a Apothecaries to brew the formulas he's improved/created while he works on other things as an independent.
5/22 c57 msjbird
It sounds like Severus is a good teacher. I like that he's learning about a healer's perspective. I think that will help him as he develops more potions and the cure for Voldemort. I am looking forward to who he adds to his house and what he learns next!
Great chapter!
5/16 c56 Wondering
So is it safe to assume that Regulus' mother and father also didn't know about the secret library? I don't even have to ask about Bellatrix's side of the family. The more I see the basic things that Severus doesn't know about (like yule), the more I see that his mother was almost as bad as his father. That is one woman who should never have had children (although I'm glad that Severus was born). When they have the chance to breathe, his grandfather should approach him and offer to give him a crash course in purebred traditions. I'm thinking this will take at least a week or two. This will also benefit someone who is a new head of house. I will be happy to hearing about the goblin's celebration.
5/12 c56 G1
I'm very impressed by what I've read so far. I'm curious to see where this goes.
5/12 c56 OvmeOmeUnda
I don't like Severus lying (by omission) to Lucius or getting Narcissa involved. Once they have a way to block the marks, I think Severus should tell Lucius the truth. As my favorite part of each chapter are the extras that aren't part of the canon story (i.e. the relationship with the goblins, creating his own house, talking with his friends) I will be glad when the horcruxes issue is resolved. I'm betting that Dhaal has a backup plan that Severus doesn't know about to get the goblins involved if everything goes bad.
5/11 c56 msjbird
I'm glad that Severus had a great holiday! It's good that Petunia is happy. They are making progress in the horcrux hunt and have a deadline now. I look forward to reading about how Severus uses the stones and the meaning of the book from Voldemort and if Andromeda joins his house and the celebration with the goblins... there's so much to look forward to!
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