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8/7 c74 trainreader
is Marvolo gone? Why was Severus not more devastated ? he didn't have time but somehow I am missing this ...
8/5 c74 Guest
An action filled chapter! I feel more sorry for Severus than I do Marvolo. He is going to have nightmares about this day for sometime. Once Dhaal really masters that third scream, he will be a force to be reckoned with. I'm thinking he could also do the reverse and create/direct tornados too. Pettigrew definitely showed more spine than he did in the books. Potter-bis pond scum as usual. I was hoping you would get rid of that character but oh well. The next Death Eater meeting is going to be interesting to say the least. Augustus was outstanding especially for someone his age. Not so say that Regulus wasn't great too. And of course, Severus, Dhaal and Kia were great.
8/3 c74 OvmeOmeUnda
Maybe the visit to Moody will reveal who tried to frame Severus? I'm guessing that if Moody got word of another potential raid on House Caspian he might have looked into it. Maybe he wants to talk about Dumbledore as Potter is aware that Severus was at Hogwarts when he went on his 'mission'. Even if he suspects it was Severus who saved his life he can't expect him to admit it. Who knows? Both Kia and Dhaal were superstars. Did Bellatrix go to kill Harry or did she try to destroy House Caspian? So is Severus really Marvolo's heir or was that a line of crap from Marvolo? If he is then adding the lands and magical objects of the Slytherin Founder should hopefully give House Caspian a big boost. Also he would have two seats on the Wizengamot. LOL! This is me reacting to Sirius boosting about James defeating an elemental. The same jerk who could only attack a student if 3 other people were helping him? However, I do look forward to Severus learning more about utilizing the powers of his house (and probably in ways no one else ever thought about).
8/2 c74 Wondering
Bravo! Great job.
8/2 c74 DiffTuFfLac
Wow! Once I started this chapter, I couldn't stop reading until it was done. I actually liked the idolized image of Marvolo that Severus was trying to save. I was sorry to see him killed. I'm thinking that if he had listened to Severus and stabilized himself instead of attacking, he would have survived paying magic's price. I would have traded his death for Sirius' anytime. I'm guessing that Lord Prince is the next logical choice for leader of the 'dark side'. Especially when the group finds out about the Horcruxes and the potential corruption of their own cores. I'm wondering if that lightning fast switch in Marvolo's mood had anything to do with Bellatrix and what she was doing while this was happening.

I hope that the corrupt Minister doesn't win the election again because of Marvolo's death. Maybe it's time for the fact that he had political opponents killed to be revealed somehow to the public. Maybe Demi and Mini know something. I'm just hoping that the bullies don't win again (like in the books). I could still scream about Severus being visited by Aurors twice in less than a year while the people behind that (the Potters) have never had that experience. Mary is as much of a bigot as the Marauders so I have no positive thoughts about her at all. Would I be wrong to hope that she (and her family) pay for her being a spy? Maybe lose their status in society/home/fortune? I'm thinking there had to be some documents she signed/oaths she took to make Mulciber believe her. Hopefully, Dumbledore left no documentation showing that she was working for him. Maybe then she'll learn how all of the non-Griffyndor's he threw aside/betrayed felt. You know, the people she thinks are worthless. At least the Marauders didn't interfere in with Severus was trying to do. However, them attempting to done one thing right at the end of the chapter after 5 years of doing everything wrong does nothing to change my opinion of them.
8/2 c74 LokiOckTon
I had guessed wrongly that when the big fight took place Severus would have received unexpected power from Hogwarts (i.e. I'm assuming that the protector can also draw on Hogwart's power like the Headmaster can). Outstanding twist with the dormant ward. Yes, I forgot that Severus had unconsciously wrapped one type of magic in another while at Hogwarts. Now that he was reminded of that, maybe he can use this for some other breakthroughs. You know, I never really thought that the reunification efforts would fail given all of the work that Severus, Jonathan, Augustus and Regulus did to reach their goal. I'm sure hoping that there isn't enough of the stones left intact that would allow the Marauders to steal/learn his idea for the null circle. It was more than enough that traitorous Lily gave them his first spells and they were used against him. Also, I don't think he should provide this information to the Aurors (if/when Moody asks about it after talking with Pettigrew and the former Black spawn). Please let him patent the idea (and save it for his house's use only a.s.a.p). Removing the marks was a great way to prevent the Aurors from prosecuting the Death Eaters who appeared. This was an great chapter. Thank you.
8/1 c74 JustNo
Things went south really quickly, didn't it? The whole reunification team was outstanding. Kudos to Dhaal (his third scream) and Kea. Augustus and Regulus protecting Severus was great. And of course Mary was a spy. Why Severus was the only one who saw that is beyond me. I never did like Nagini but feel bad (for Severus) that Marvolo couldn't be saved. My fingers are crossed for Jonathan.
8/1 c74 LRSev
Well done! I feel sorry for Severus. He is going to have some many could have been, maybe if thoughts over Marvolo's death. If Marvolo had just concentrated on stabilizing his magic and didn't cause the circle of stones to break early it's possible he may have survived. So where is Bellatrix and the Lestranges? Did they try to attack House Caspian? I hope that Jonathan is okay. And this chapter reminds me of why I hate Sirius. Not only a bully but a smart mouthed one. So Severus is going to met with Moody before checking on his house? I'm happy that the marks are gone and that the Aurors will not be able to destroy the houses/fortunes of the Death Eaters who were there. After all, they could just say that they were defining the house of their friend (Lord Voldermort). The aurors in this story have been just as corrupt as the worst death eaters. And before I forget, Regulus, Augustus, Kea and of course my man Dhaal were just outstanding in this chapter!
7/9 c73 Wondering
I can hear the tic-toc of some potential disaster just waiting to spring on us readers next chapter. I'm imaging Severus being attacked by someone/something when Dhaal leaves to fetch one of the Horcruxes. I'm hoping that our Slytherin Dhaal has some ally of Severus waiting in wings to step in if necessary. And if you can fit it in, maybe we will see the effects of the third scream by the end of the story.
7/9 c73 boredasf13
why do i feel like Severus is being far too positive about Tom Riddle... Severus cannot see it but we KNOW how sinister Riddle was since childhood and only grew worse... I am worried for Severus...
7/8 c73 OvmeOmeUnda
Ahhhh! The dreaded cliffhanger. I'm wondering about that dormant ward at Lord Slytherin's place. I'm guessing it's something he didn't want Severus to detect before he entered (became trapped in) his domain. If it wasn't for the election, I'm pretty sure I would have chosen young Marvolo over the older Marvolo. He may have been young and inexperienced but at least he had 50% of his soul. I'm glad that Severus had that talk with Andromeda. I was questioning her loyalty too. Just how long does the Bewitched spell last? I don't trust any Marauder. Also, Manylion and Severus might as well go ahead and change their oaths to a permanent one.
7/7 c73 trainreader
this was great ! Although I do expect some fighting later on . I hope Severus belief that he can save Tom will happen
7/7 c73 LRSev
So the ending that you have been working on so long is near. Congratulations.

I liked the idea of Manylion, the Faery Cavaliers and Maverick helping to hone Severus' fighting skills. And I appreciate you dealing with the Andromeda situation. I really can't blame the Dark Lord for bringing up Severus' weakness for Lily because in some form it is still there. I believed that well known prophecy was about Severus too and still would if I hadn't heard about how well it fits Dumbledore. It may be my paranoia but why didn't Severus take a fresh Absorball with him? Then again maybe an exploding Absorball will take a couple of his enemies with it. I'm thinking that something like an Absorball woven into clothing or attached as a chain/ring would give House Caspian a great advantage against attackers. If so, it should definitely be a House secret that no one could discuss or write about even if they wanted to. I think that Severus is right and somehow having his null circle push away magic via a series of infinite loops would really give his null circles a boost in how long the effect lasts.
7/6 c73 JustNo
I just LOVE Dobby in this chapter. I think that Marvolo should have let him remain there. But this is the same Marvelo who tried to kill Kreacher to keep his secret about the Horcrux. Unlike Severus, I don't believe that he thinks of all creatures as equal. I also love, love, love Manylion. A chapter where she is featured always makes me smile.
7/6 c73 DiffTuFfLac
And I'm guessing that the sh** hits the fan in the next chapter. You could give me a early christmas present by not letting Sirius live. He and Bellatrix are two sides of the same coin. Is Severus aware that they are animagous? At times, I could just shake that hufflepuff loyalty out of Severus, rest and then do it again. However, seeing that he walked into a trap I don't see that he had much of a choice in revealing some of what he knows/suspects to Lord Voldermort. I did appreciate him including the cavaliers in his defense exercises. I don't believe many wizards really consider their house fairies part of the family. So are other death eaters ready to attack Regulus, Augustus and Jonathan? I appreciate how much Severus is trying to protect them (and Lucius). I'm wondering about the plan that Augustus might reveal to the members of House Caspian.
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