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5/25 c26 TheManiacalMadman
I'm glad you didn't do that Kakashi and Batman thing, it sounds too ridiculous.

Are you gonna include Sailor Moon villains?
Bill Cipher having competition could really shake things up!

Also, forgive my ignorance, but who are Rini and Bunny?

Great story!
4/14 c26 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
3/24 c26 Ishigawa
The dialogue works.
3/10 c26 Animeguy1101
I recently got almost caught up on the original anime, on season left, and I was wondering if there are ever going to be any Sailor Moon villains in this story or just the Gravity Falls ones?

Also the two acting like Kakashi and Batman, I don’t get it? Or would it have made more sense in the chapter itself?

The thing I remember most about the love god episode for some reason is the scene of Mabel walking down the hall of Robbie’s pictures, so I keep imagining either in this version on the other side are normal ones of Riley or their both in the same pictures and there fighting worse and worse with each one.
3/5 c2 1Sesshoru
Usagi's tiara is used as a Chakram, which is a bladed ring weapon that returns to its wielder after being thrown.
3/1 c26 14TheHiddenAuthor5000
And...About Wendip...I Am Not SURE If It Will Happen, If You Choose Not To Do It...

Its Up To You To Add It In Or Not. I'm Not The Boss Of Ya
3/1 c26 4Monster King
Awesomeness great work
2/28 c26 10Plumalchemyst
Love it
12/18/2020 c1 14TheHiddenAuthor5000
I Saw The Whole Thing...So Far...And I Gotta Admit, It Was Pretty Good. Alot Better Than What I Made...So With That Being Said.

4/22/2020 c25 6ceres vilandra
Oh my God . I love everything, I hope you continue it.
4/5/2020 c25 RwbyZillaPrime20
To Emma Iveli: I just read all the chapters of Gravity's Moon, and I love it! Do you plan on making more chapters and writing a sequel to Gravity's Moon? If so, could you do all that when you got the time, please?
Thanks, RwbyZillaPrime20
1/5/2020 c25 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
12/3/2019 c25 10Plumalchemyst
Someone hug marina
12/2/2019 c25 13foxchick1
I need some emergency Ice Cream Stat, hold on Marina the Ice Cream is on its way
11/28/2019 c24 722The Cowardly Christian
Well...I can't say much for this...the only changes were you added some extra dialogue..it was sorta interesting, Guiro giving Soos relationship advice was kinda sweet, but that's it...sorry...

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