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3/28 c12 Lunar Jellyfish
Brilliant. Thanks for the awesome story. You really know how to write kissing scenes, haha.
3/27 c6 Lunar Jellyfish
And the thicc plottens
3/4 c5 Hiroyuki Akemi
I find it rly funny that she thought chat to b a girl even when she saw him shirtless XD
2/12 c6 7Mysteryfan17
I wonder if one of them think to distract from the content of the picture by asking "Who had a high def camera pointed at a teenage girl's balcony/bedroom at night?" Call into question, if not the authenticity of the photo, the intent of the photographer...
12/9/2021 c12 Ella
What an amazing story! It was so full of fun and creative ideas, I was lost in this magical world you painted for me through your talent of word. I think this is better then the real show, the akuma was amazing it was more of a challenge , making me feel like I was really in the story . It was heartwarming and creative , I would come home from school exited to read the next part . So happy I was part of this adventure. Keep it up , inspiring people , making them happy and bringing light to the world .
11/28/2021 c12 5ShainaMiraculous
This is so freaking cute! ️ I loved this fanfiction. It's the best fanfiction I've ever read, tbh. It isn't filled with smut, still it's sensual, it isn't fully happy-happy, but it's still fluffy and amazing, it isn't sad or continuously heartbreaking, still it has the perfect amount of angst, it isn't dropping revelations every sentence, still it's perfectly secret-revealing. Overall perfect and outstanding. I wish you all the best with your writing because I'm very proud to say you deserve and Oscar for this fanfic!
11/24/2021 c12 Mirage
That was an interesting and sweet story
Good that things worked out

One really wants to kick Adrien father ..Natalie. ...and his mother too for just running away in this story ...
10/11/2021 c12 8Pentastic
cute story
10/3/2021 c12 Guest
8/24/2021 c12 Guest
Love this story so cute!
6/25/2021 c6 Guest
6/25/2021 c5 Guest
6/19/2021 c12 IarIz
aannnndddd its done. xD
im pulling all nighter on this and its worth it. xD

throw back on their first kiss. awww that sweet. xD
great job author.
6/19/2021 c9 IarIz
after seeing Chat Noir melt to a puddle.
you give us that kind of cliffhanger.
you re mean. X_X
6/19/2021 c6 IarIz
yep she s melting alright. xD haha. the audicity of Chat
and OMG they got caught. d4oped from the sky is a bomb.
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