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for Return of the Rakghouls V2

6/8/2018 c1 johnd876
Actually it was less than 3,000 years earlier at that time. In 0 BBY it will have been precisely 3,000 years since the bombing of Taris by Darth Malak.
11/18/2015 c1 871-1 Marines
"Chancellor" should be capitalized, but really more of a nitpick than anything else. Names regarding ships (I.e. Imperator-class, Devastator, Tuskens' Bane) should be italicized.
Yularen's "5 minutes" should be "five" since he's saying it out loud, and both of his "Understood sir"s should have a comma before sir. But glad to see he hasn't been forgotten.
Good rescue scene. "Lack of insignificance" should be "lack of significance," but good explanation for why the colony wasn't invaded.
Good sympathy from Ahsoka even if Canay was a Jerkass, since even he didn't deserve to be fed to Rakghouls.
Gregor's "ma'am" shouldn't be capitalized, but good thinking by Ahsoka.
Nice Reality Ensues for Vindi in that he got taken out unceremoniously. Evidently Resident Evil viruses aren't consistent judging by this description.
"All personnel, evacuate immediately." Yup, comma needed. At least this colony was OSHA compliant.
I've been taking Krav Maga lessons, and we're supposed to get the hands off before punching someone if we're choked. Granted, I liked that you mentioned Ahsoka was in pain from punching Durge.
Nice to see him burn for all Durge did, particularly considering him burning that Bothan Jedi alive in ROJ.
Overall good work.

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