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for Chrono Trigger: Defiance of Fate

3/29 c14 12Armasyll
write faster o: my covid binge is still going
3/17 c1 lisarussell687
dude you da man!
3/5 c14 Ghost Man
Dalton? Hmm. Time skip (pun intended). So they're back, and they infiltrated the Ocean Palace already?
Oh wait...psyche!
No psyche. That was a flashback!

Let's assume for a moemnt it's not the power OF Lavos, but more like it's a power that is UTILIZED by Lavos. He could be harnessing dark matter for all we know within the temporal stream, and it doesn't make that energy BAD. Just...utilized.

"Each of US Gurus" - just gave yourself up.
Marle is going to be the tipping point in convince Glenn not to kill Magus...I hope.

So this version has seats already. Interesting.

Nice touch. It's good to have some for of Belthasar as part of the team.

I see. So Epoch can designate specific 3D coordinates.

So they're still separated from the group. Shame. Can they do it together?

Ice Coffin? Hmm...Oh Freeza.

Awww. Lucca's dere is showing.

Incorporating the flame in the story? Interesting.

Dalton is a proper bastard, isn't he?

Careful Lucca, you're getting excited D
3/4 c14 11presea221
Wow, a new update so soon! The nightmare-memory of Dalton's torture seems to have also made them stronger in a way. I really hope Dalton gets even better just desserts once you get to that part of the story!

I really like how you described the Epoch and made it even more interactive than when Belthasar was just copied into that Nu in the game. They may not have time for it right now, but we definitely need to see Lucca's reaction with going into full-on nerd mode once she gets to operate it. XD

Very intriguing how you've brought actual mention of the Frozen Flame here. I definitely have my own theory on how you might change things in regard to the continuity of Chrono Cross, and I have a feeling it will be good! Also, nice touch of having the Gurus really go into just how even they were tempted and got carried away by Lavos' advancements for awhile. The Frozen Flame was stated at points as something that could make people lose their sanity, so the queen was definitely affected by it.

Now, we're getting into the real drama. But I also hope you'll be able to do the side quests too with Marle's dad, Ozzie's Fort, etc.
2/11 c13 Ghost Man
Welcome back, Slasher.
Good luck during these trying times.

Crono and Marle are way too cute. I appreciate the character motivations you're using here.
My goodness, the princess is SO incorrigible.
Gotta love the little Crono-dad history bit.
You just loaded Chekov's Gun for the Sun Stone, I see.

Bwahahha! The Questionably Stupid indeed!
Also interesting deviation keeping it only to two.
Thinking about it IS pointless...so just roll with the flow.

And they return...I love strategizing!
OMG they're using brains here! But then the player is the one suppsoed to be figuring things out so of course THEY would figure it out.
Wait...wasn't Lucca with them?
Well crap...win and lose

Bless Schala. Bless her!
I see. The rest of the group is stranged leaving the lovers to find a way back.
2/10 c13 presea221
Wow, you live! I am so glad to see this back since it is my favorite story on this site. You made a lot of good points about the surroundings as soon as you get to 12,000 B.C. Literally, it just the cave with the gate, the skyway building, and the big blocked cave and mountain leading to the Earthbound Ones' area that you have no what it is supposed to be. Then, seeing Zeal itself finally starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together when you see that Melchior and the Masamune originated here and that Lavos was being used and the connection with Marle's pendant. Just the very idea that something like this magically powered floating continent with it's secret history could sound like an idea as to how people escaped an ice age in the past has always intrigued me. It brings up the question of: Just how much do we know about the past?

Crono and Marle's relationship is being tested once again with Janus' ominous prediction of death looming over them as the only two in the group to witness it. As always, their conversations and reasoning things out together along with the genuine warmth towards each other is fleshed out really well. You are very good at writing believable romance with the relationship dynamics and building. And CronoxMarle is my favorite ship from the game. Poor Marle is going to be hit with so much once it's time for Crono's death arc.

I like how they can feel that something is just a bit off with Zeal and how nobody questions the queen. Also, it was a nice touch to sort of go into the fact that she and Dalton obviously did torture them. And I gotta love how Crono is challenging Magus with letting him know that's he onto who he is and his motives and that going this alone is not in his best interest if he really wants to change anything by trying to stop the Lavos disaster of this era.
6/24/2019 c12 presea221
As usual, this is always worth waiting for! Really love how you gave Ayla a little more depth here with her moment of vulnerability and nice interactions with Kino. It was also interesting to note that despite their feelings, there was not an exact concept or wording for love itself back then. It reminds me of the note on the poyozo doll in one of Belthasar's secret rooms in Zeal that had said how love and hate were born when man's ancestors found the shards from Lavos' fall (the red rock of the royal family's pendant, which was really the frozen flame they were referring to, I guess).

Crono and Marle's conversations are always great and I thought it was cool that you expanded on the dream scene in the beginning here. Glenn is also great. And once again, they are catching on fast with Magus' intentions, and that is good.

I cannot wait for my favorite part of the game, Zeal Kingdom! It will be interesting to see how you write Schala, Janus, and Queen Zeal along with everyone's impressions of them. (Even Dalton should be fun. XD) I hope that you will also do the side quests, too. Sorry about your depression. But since they say it kills motivation, then I do believe that you aren't letting it totally defeat you since you still have motivation to work on something this big, and that is good.
6/23/2019 c12 Mateus712
6/21/2019 c12 Ghost Man
Amazing chapter. Interesting discussion. Everyone loves some good dialogue.

;-; OMG. Showing this side of Ayla..something the game nver did really. It's so cool

Duuuuude. Frog is so badass. He's a real man!

Marle is hudreds of feet up in the air, a fall which would mean death, and she's having the time of her life...typical P

Holy crap...never mess with Marle _ She can Crono's sword well...no innuendo intended

*snickers* Ayla say later when home - I'm not apologizing

Eh...give him credit, Nizbel is kinda cool. Marle...I understand her feelings, and she will need to be able to be that one who questions

Huh. Well played Azala. Credit where due.

*snickers* When Ayla makes up her mind, he's done made, foo

_ Lucky Ayla - Lucca fan
8/14/2018 c10 2Reclusive Dork
i've always had the belief that Glenn/Frog was Chrono's ancestor.
7/16/2018 c11 Presea 221
(I posted my review by accident before I finished, so this is me as a guest. lol) I meant to say that I still remember the first time I did the Magus fight on the SNES when I was like, 10. I had no idea what I was doing and I thought that his barrier lasted forever and that only attacking NORMALLY with Frog's Masamune could defeat him. Wasting about 80 mid tonics and OMFG Dark Matter all of the time. Lol. I can't wait till the next chapter, the Zeal stuff, and when Magus joins them! Keep up the amazing job, it is always worth the wait!
7/16/2018 c11 Clarent excalibur
i love how youve done magus and imooking forward to seeing how you do janus and his sister and mother

Im not that disappointed with the magus fight cause i agree with you that since his been preparing for lavos he would be extremely powerful and im rather curious if your gonna keep the magus lose some power during the unwinnable lavos fight
7/16/2018 c11 11presea221
Well...damn. This was just as good as I expected it to be. Even better, actually. I love how you made some interesting points with the flashback scenes. Magus would have most likely been interested in finding the Masamune himself not just because it was a threat to him, but because he could tell it was from Zeal. You wrote his character perfectly. Ozzie was obviously the one who screwed with the truth of the Mystics' situation. They only tried to cross the bridge once, and all of the towns in the game never got attacked, even though Magus could have easily blew them up or something. Glenn and Leene always did seem like they had a thing to me (especially if you have seen the Frog ending like you mentioned) and I could see how this created a falling out between him and Cyrus for awhile, as Cyrus was very honor-bound. I like how Robo was along this time. Flea and Ozzie, lol. I like how you described just how Flea's magic (The Stare, lol) affects someone. I liked the invincible Magus fight. Yeah, he has been doing this a long time, so it makes sense! I still remember back when I
7/16/2018 c11 Ghost Man
I enjoyed this update. Good job. Been waiting a while.

;) Marle knows how to play rough. Lol!

Enjoyed the high-level battles written out here as well. GJ! Loved the teamwork. Jack Black would be proud XD

Now...how will the harem scene end .
2/23/2018 c10 Mateus712
great chapter and great writting, the normal from you, i'm dying to see how you will make the battle against lavos.
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