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for Gulch to Remnant

2/2/2023 c5 Anomymous
Oh god, what kind of blackmail does Sarge have on Ozpin in order to initiate a full battle royale within the amphitheater?
5/7/2021 c8 Nantono
Nice chapter
2/25/2021 c8 Nearsighted
Can we see more of this? The humor is so on par with the Red vs Blue show that is awesome and really entertaining to read. XD
8/10/2020 c8 Guest
This is one of the best rvb/rwby fics I've ever read. I hope u update soon!
8/9/2020 c8 Dxhologram
Poor, Ruby. Asking Caboose for help is a bad idea.
7/26/2020 c8 2NullSilver2005
Hope you ain't dead as this is some of the funniest shit I have seen in years.
6/2/2020 c8 Doortolight47
Did not expect to see Locus in this story. Wonder if Felix is in it?
5/16/2020 c8 Anon
Great chapter
And I know this might come off as annoying since you are understandably busy and all that, but dude I am beginning you to please update your “Kill the dishonored” fic.
That fic has too much potential that it would be a huge shame to let it go to waste. Especially now that “Dishonored 2” and “Death of the Outsider” released a few years ago (and we won't be able to see any sequel from those game, now that Arkane Studio is working on a new IP), you can really write some really interesting stuff with the materials from those game in that fic.
5/16/2020 c8 Guest
Can I ask you quick question nicely please?
Can you continue the "Kill the Dishonored" series again one day that you made?
5/12/2020 c8 Gen2324
Even when teaching a class, Sarge still finds ways to insult Grif.
5/12/2020 c8 fruitspunchsamurai-987
Oh my god... Sarge teaching a class is hilarious! XD
5/12/2020 c8 23SkyRig
"Have you thought this through? I mean, chewed it down to the bone?"

Oh my god a John Wick reference. You sneaky son of a bitch.

So, where's Felix? Is he alive in this iteration or is he dead?
5/12/2020 c8 7DragonTamer1
2/17/2020 c1 Random Guy
This is really funny!All the characters are in you know..Character!Especially Simmons and Grif the chemistry is really there good job!
6/28/2019 c6 Guest
1. Tex kicking the shit out of Cardin and his balls.
2. Grif being so traumatized by personal expirience.

Hahahaha, you are a genius. It was like seeing Red vs Blue, i almost faint for so much laught.
Please keep updating this story.
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