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for Two Dragons

6/19 c27 Gottaask
So are you going to update this or not ? At least have them confess and get together because you'll at least leave it in a good note
6/8 c16 Guest
I just noticed... Where the hell is Gajeel?.
6/8 c14 Guest
Ok this is getting annoying now. They have been together for 7 fucking years and they still don't have the backbone to fucking confess.
5/31 c12 goldmeadl
5/20 c27 1ethancyh
bro your can't just stop like that
5/17 c27 Guest
Plzzz continue this story
3/29 c27 DaddyAlastor
amazing story i just finished reading it and i cant wait until the next chapter keep up the great work
3/15 c27 Lord.Raven6
Not sure how many this reread is by now. Hope you get around to finishing this fic or at least updateing
3/12 c27 natsuheartfilia32
i just kept re reading this hoping u would continue it. its way 2 good to just leave like this
3/4 c27 goldmeadl
Such a good story so far good work!
2/14 c27 YESMAN4398
I really hope you end up coming back to this story. i love this pairing and its so rare to find someone who does the characters justice. The slow burn is so good and I adore the build up. I hope after you find your flow and recover from everything you can return to this stronger than ever.
2/3 c6 giz99mo
I simply want to say f you for the feels and making me cry you bastard.
12/7/2020 c2 Moonknight
Man that was depressing
11/13/2020 c27 barut12717
why cant continue this fic? ı like so much
10/29/2020 c11 1KINGShaheed
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