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for Forged in Hellfire: Lost Soul Reborn

5/25 c24 Varium
I like the story. but I think if your going to do a story like this maybe have Naruto as the only reincarnation. it kind of takes away from the story when Its supposed to be unique, being from a completely different franchise then turns out past lives are being sold by the dozen and then suddenly Shao Kahn is back. by this point I'm expecting Kakashi to become Raiden
5/20 c9 Uzumaki.white
This is so disappointing like why tf you make naruto op than get his ass handed to him
5/20 c9 Uzumaki.white
This is disappointing naruto can kick Hans ass like nothing than getting is ass handed to him by zabuza this is so disappointing
4/12 c49 GIRlovedTACOS
3/26 c1 1Ryan The Recluse
The romance is beautiful
3/23 c20 dadiman260
"I see you four admire my visage" ye ok so as opposed to Naruto, hinata is just straight up gone and replaced by ki... Neji acctualy from the sounds of it. Whelp thats a pass. Atleast naruto felt a bit like 2 characters merged, this is a nope for me, i am out.
3/17 c49 1BlackStar103
I hope everything is going well. Wondering if you're continuing with this story as it's one of my favorites.
2/14 c4 Guest
Porq não matou todos eles? Wtf?
2/15 c49 iamshinydragonmist
so good. I just binged this and I can't wait for more. thanks
1/9 c1 Jack
When I first seen the description I immediately knew it was scorpion.
12/16/2021 c35 jnautking
You used melfina's song for Outlaw Star
11/20/2021 c1 ASS WE CAN Boy Next Door
Just forget. It ceased to be interesting from the first chapter. The point is not even in raising the age of heroes to the pension.
11/20/2021 c2 ASS WE CAN Boy Next Door
Pre-pension reform?
Why not make their age for 50 years? I am sure that GEONTOFIL as the author liked it more.
10/24/2021 c1 TogaAFung26
Holy shit I don't normally comment, but damn this 1st chapter is some god tier shit.
10/23/2021 c2 milessmith1111
Well, of hell is coming to the Elemental Nations or in this case the Netherrealm. I can't wait to see how naruto comes out from the merging.
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