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7/6/2020 c7 A Businessman
8/11/2019 c7 12LifeonEarth
Was that a Legend of Zelda tv show reference because I have never met someone else in real life or elsewhere who’s seen that beautiful disaster of a show and if not, please watch it and then re read this chapter of yours and you’ll see the possible reference clear as day. Beautiful.
12/26/2018 c10 24animellow
*claps childishly* Hooray! Hooray! Yay yay!
12/26/2018 c2 animellow
Oh my gulay. I'm part Chinese and I ddin't even understand that last sentence in chapter 1. Crying. Srsly cannot get enough!
12/26/2018 c1 animellow
Loved this! Haven't gone farther than season 1, but I love it!
12/16/2018 c10 2CeruleanDreamCat
welcome back!
lovely chapter, I look forward to the next
12/8/2018 c10 Jordanw777
Love this story! Looking forward to the next update!
11/24/2018 c10 Anoninon
Welcome back!
11/19/2018 c10 Janelle22
I love this! Your writing is awesome and flows so well. The insights into adrien’s mind are awesome!
11/19/2018 c10 115AmyNChan
rip the oblivious boi.
11/19/2018 c10 1Hadrian Peverell-Black
Yes finally updated with a new chapter, it's been a while so I had to reread the story again
11/18/2018 c10 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
7/22/2018 c1 7Mishi Nagano
i know this was posted looking ago, buuuuut it seems like being hit iiver the head with it is how most people discovered it. I discovered it last month while channel searching for some cartoons for my kids to watch. I got more into it than my boys did, though mainly cause my whole teenage life was filled with anime and my boys just like cars and transformers.
3/7/2018 c9 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
2/27/2018 c9 5Kmbrun
Will you be continuing this? It's awesome!
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