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1/10 c48 1Baxteropolis
I love this story! It is absolutely one of my favorites, and this is the third time I have read it. I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for sharing your work!
12/25/2023 c48 Clark959
Very enjoyable to read, look forward to next chapters. Hope that you are doing well.
12/22/2023 c47 Rome4
oh how i love this story. looking forward to you picking it back up. this story is amazing.
12/21/2023 c25 Rome4
Everytime I read this chapter it makes me belly laugh.
12/21/2023 c1 Rome4
im back for another read. a couple months ago i connected with you on Facebook. You thought you might start writing this story again around Christmas time. So im here for a refresher (not that I need it). Also, I'm hoping you are able/available to continue. Im keeping the faith. Happy Holidays.
12/2/2023 c48 Roselover2
I devoured this story! It’s just marvelous! I’m adding it to my bookmarks. I do hope you are well and that when you get a chance and are able finish this but until then it will live in the back of my mind as I wonder what happens next!
12/1/2023 c48 PotterKitten731
Absolutely loved this! I hope its not finished yet and we get more!
11/16/2023 c48 F1Sophie
I love this story! Just found it a couldnt stop reading. I live the premise you have created with the family magic, the elves and the dragons!
Beautiful as it is any additional chapters are a bonis!
11/10/2023 c48 38Snaperipper
I absolutely love this story and how you are bringing everyone together. Who will Harry end up with? Hmmmm
11/6/2023 c48 2Serenity3078
This is absolutely wonderful! Your story was recommended in a Draimone facebook group I'm in. I love this so much, and I hope you return to it someday! I really love where you took this, and I'd love to see where it all ends up.
10/21/2023 c48 PequenaLontra
Que história maravilhosa. Ela dá um calorzinho no peito, tão quentinho e confortável.

Amo que você tenha trazido a magia em outras formas além de balançar uma varinha por aí, além do clã que é tão raro de vermos, acho que só vi mais 3 histórias que envolviam clãs de alguma forma.

Espero que volte a atualizar essa história. Você fez algo realmente incrível.
10/18/2023 c48 7Hanable-13
i really really REALLY want you to continue. i hope all is well.

H }:)
10/4/2023 c26 Susnsmsh
I miss you and I hope you're well. your stories are some. od my absolute favorites and I always hope you'll return to finish them.
10/4/2023 c48 jollygood
I love this story. I've just re-read it and it's still amazing. I hope you continue, and I think you're a great writer.
10/2/2023 c48 rensull
I love this story, I keep coming back to it again and again, thank you for sharing your amazing work
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