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2/2 c48 Jusbecoz
Just read this story, it is amazing. Would love to know more if you ever feel like picking it up again. Thanks for sharing with your readers.
2/1 c46 8riversgirl75
I’m re-reading this story and I’m so intrigued! I hope you’re well and choose to return to this story and update it someday soon.
1/26 c1 shaymars
Anna, Please continue this story
1/26 c1 pattign
Loved your story - love the exploration of magic please continue
1/24 c48 Dani
I almost never leave reviews but I couldn't put it down! You're a fantastic writer and I sincerely hope you continue this story!
1/22 c47 muzzarae
Kudos. Absolutely love this story.
1/22 c48 EmilyRickman
Well, I just powered through all the chapters in a single day - I hope that there is eventually more added to this story!
1/19 c48 Rome4
this story is beautiful. it has friendship, love, acceptance, change. and of course a bit of mystery and angst. I do hope you comeback to this story one day. I would love to know what's to come. thank you for all that you've shared.
1/19 c26 Rome4
oh dear Anna, I'm sorry you were subjected to a unappreciative reader. I truly think readers sometimes forget that they are getting all of this reading enjoyment for free. that you authors are writing out of a need to express yourself, enjoyment, therapy or whatever reason you choose to write for.
I personally appreciate all of the authors that spare an free moment they have sharing their stories. I read because it helps my anxiety and ptsd by focusing my mind.
so THANK YOU, I APPRECIATE YOU and the time you give. I haven't read this chapter yet just your a/n. I do have to say that this is by far one of the most enjoyable stories I've read. I like that it is so about magic. I do know that the stories not finished but after the first couple chapters I didn't care, I had to read what you've given. I do hope you find your way back to it, but if not kudos for what you have written.
1/19 c48 armanda1325
I found a recommendation for this story at 4.30 in the morning while doom scrolling Facebook as a fed my newborn. it is 12.30 pm as I write this and I have since not gone back to sleep. I could not put this down! as a rule I do not read unfinished works but it was so highly recommended I figured I'd read the first few chapters find a nice place where the story lulls and call it a day. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. every chapter sucked me in... all the characters motivations and interactions. it even made me cry as narcissa started to find herself while completing he ritual with the girls. I must say this was God level dramione and the emphasis on the magic and its meaning... beautiful. I am sorry this was never finished and selfishly wish I could convince you to. However I do know ppl discontinue fics for various reasons. so even if u never do finish just know that the 48 chapters u have posted make up one of the best fics i have ever read.

Hoping your are well.
1/10 c48 Guest
this was one of the most unique stories I have ever encountered...I love it...I wish there was more
1/9 c20 Whit96
How have I never caught that Draco and the boys had the idea to do the dance! They are all of the same mind.
1/5 c48 TrinTalen
I pray you finish this! It's sooo well it!
1/4 c48 Hotmamantx
Back to us soon
1/3 c16 Hotmamantx
We love this story and hope you return to it . Happy new year
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